Do You Have a Decibella (or Decibello)?

What’s a decibella? Actually it’s a who and there’s a fifty-fifty chance you have a real one in your classroom. Decibella is a spunky, spirited book character who loves using her loud voice at all times. Her real name is Isabella, but everyone calls her Decibella because she is just soooooo LOUD. She simply doesn’t know how or when to use a softer, quieter voice. Decibella learns to control her voice with the help of her teacher, who introduces five different voice volumes: 6-inch voice, whisper, table-talk, strong speaker voice, and outside voice.

Even if you don’t have a Decibella in your classroom, your kiddos are sure to enjoy and learn from Decibella (Boys Town Press) by Julie Cook. Also, check out our “Manage and Motivate” Pinterest board where you’ll find solutions for managing a classroom and keeping students on track.

I’d love to hear how you manage the noise level in your classroom. Please share!


Teachers are the BEST!


6 thoughts on “Do You Have a Decibella (or Decibello)?

  1. Noise levels begin with the teacher. If she/he yells across the room, then children are loud. If teachers’ volumes are loud, children are loud. The teacher also is responsible for helping children recognize difference between inside/outside voices.

  2. Kids don’t often know how to whisper. I teach children how to whisper. They put their fingers on their voice box and feel the difference between talking aloud. When you talk aloud, you feel a vibration on your voice box. When you whisper, there is no vibration coming from their voice box. When they have to whisper, they check that they are indeed whispering and put their fingers on their voice box to talk to their neighbour.

  3. We learn about indoor outdoor voices. I also use a whisper
    Voice at work time. My friend Henrietta the hedgehog is my go to upset if it gets loud. She is very scared of loud voices and will go into her
    Housemifnits to loud

  4. When classroom noise level goes up, my voice level goes down. They have to stop to hear me….sometimes I mix it up by having them respond to “If you can hear me, __________” with a silly action, like make a funny face , etc…

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