Do You Follow?

We never really get following directions, do we? Let’s admit it. Even as adults, we’re about as good at following directions as we were when we were children. There really hasn’t been much improvement. You there at your desk at Groveland Elementary in Minnetonka, you can protest as loudly as you want that I am wrong because you are a good direction follower, but I politely disagree.

Do you read the directions that come with every new product you buy? Do you always use your turn signal when you’re driving? And obey every speed limit? Do you queue up in an orderly line for fast food? Leave an ingredient out of a recipe? Add an ingredient to a recipe? Read every word of a smartphone operator’s agreement or wireless contract?

Humans are genetically predisposed to fail at consistently following directions, which is why it is a battle teachers fight every school year, throughout the school year, at every grade level. We find success, small victories and large, but come March or April, there will still be SDF (Student Direction Failure) lurking in your classroom.

Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me your ideas for battling SDF in the comments below. Those are your directions for today. I hope you follow them.



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