Discover Big Words by the Dozen: Win This Book


The last donut has been purloined—and Cris has been bamboozled. Students will discover lots of supersize words sprinkled into this fun story about Cris and Crat from Kids Can Press. You can win it.

To be included in our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog by Wednesday, March 6, and include your favorite big word. One lucky teacher will win! (Update: Congratulations to Kathy, our lucky winner!)


Here are some efficacious freebies that I’m feeling quite convivial about:



Not in Our School is a program to create safe, accepting, inclusive schools where students stand up to bullying and intolerance. You’ll find free lesson plans and much more at





Discover all kinds of fun and fascinating stuff at From videos to spice up a lesson to five-minute fillers to great ways to start the day, you’ll find it all here. Scintillating!





Students and parents alike can take advantage of the free activities for math and language arts at Students practice skills, compete for rankings, and earn points to redeem for rewards. Click here to check it out; it’s stupendous!

I discovered a fun new word today: sesquipedalian. The meaning? Someone who likes to use big words!


PS: Check out our new page-flipping digital mini-mag here. It’s sublime!

45 thoughts on “Discover Big Words by the Dozen: Win This Book

  1. Onomatopopeoia! We do a chant to remember and conga line!
    “Onomatopeoia, I am just a sound word ” really gets my firsties to remember and use them in their writing.

  2. Excusez moi s’il vous plait! Excuse me please in french. I teach this to my student every year. They think it is so neat!

  3. My favorite big word is, phalanges. Phalanges simply put are toe or finger bones. I’m always reminding my preschoolers to keep their phalanges out of their nose. ☝️????????????

  4. I’ll admit my favorite word is Bamboozled!! However, when I started reading the comments, I think Kelly Brown stole the show with her comment…..
    Definitely going to buy this book to read to my class…..

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