Did You Decorate?

Have you decorated your house for the December holidays? I’ve noticed this year people have started decorating earlier than usual. And why not? If it brings you joy, I say go for it! I’ve already plugged in my pre-lit tabletop tree. (It’s high up on a bookcase because I have a herd of attack cats.) In this spirit, I know you’ll be needing festive activities, both for in-classroom and virtual learning.

Click here to check out this activity!  To keep students socially distanced and to work with virtual learning, I recommend making this a whole group idea instead of a center.


If you want to use programmable ornament cutouts instead of real ornaments, go here. You can easily adapt the programmable ornaments to whatever skill you need to address. 



P.S. Go here for FREE egg-themed activities for kindergarten through high school!







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