Did Someone Say “Free Books for Teachers”? Why Yes, We Did!

Is there any phrase more beautiful than “free books”? I don’t think so! I have a whole roundup of offers that include free books, opportunities to win books, and free activity kits. They’re only available for a limited time, so start clicking!

Submit a comment to our blog to let us know which of these offers rate highest with you. You’ll be entered into a random drawing to win a prize pack of—what else?—free books for your grade level. Please include your grade level with your comment. Hurry, submit your comment by midnight EDT on Thursday, August 18, 2011, to be entered in our drawing! (Update: congratulations to Stacey. Her preschoolers got a box of new books!)


September 16 is Curiosity Day! Held on the birthday of Curious George creator H. A. Rey, this event is all about capturing kids’ curiosity and promoting a love of reading. Houghton Mifflin offers a free activity kit for planning the event; click here now to download yours! (Can’t celebrate on the 16th? No worries—any day is a good day for promoting curiosity!)


Do you have eager young readers in your class? Get your students excited about reading with the Ready-to-Read series. It features popular characters and a new look and leveling system. Twenty-five lucky teachers will each WIN a set of three books from the program. Click here to enter! After that, be sure to visit readytoreadbooks.com to find free activities, e-cards, and other downloadables, plus another chance to win free books. Click here!


Build confidence in your young readers with the new Passport to Reading series from Little, Brown and Company. Click here now to receive a FREE Passport to Reading introduction kit. Hurry, supplies are limited!



Ready for more? Penguin Young Readers is offering a free activity kit with a free paperback, curriculum guide, and poster with reproducible activity sheets. To get yours, click here now! Once you’ve done that, enter for a chance to win a set of Penguin Young Readers; email schoolandlibrary@us.penguingroup.com with the subject line “Penguin Young Readers Sweepstakes.” Don’t miss out!


And finally, you can get $2,000 in free books for your school through the Studentreasures program. How? Students create their own books, and each one is turned into a hardbound book for free. Sign up to receive more information, and you’ll get two free sample books to get you started. Click here now!


I’ll have more book-related freebies coming soon, so keep watching our blog!


PS: Late addition: check out the new classroom achievement award from Special Olympics! This $500 award is available to teachers in general education classrooms and can be used in any way to help your students succeed. Apply now—click here!

158 thoughts on “Did Someone Say “Free Books for Teachers”? Why Yes, We Did!

  1. I really love them all. But this year I’m teaching science, social studies, and math. So I think the best thing for my room would be the Studentreasures program. I could use that for various social studies projects such as a book about their families.

  2. As a Kindergarten teacher, each of these programs will be helpful to me. Thank you very much for finding these teacher treasures!

  3. I previously was an Early Intervention Preschool aide. This year I am moving to 1st and 2nd Grade Special Ed. I would love the Studentreasures as I looked at the site and it looks way awesome. How exciting for children to make their own books and have them published…

  4. I love free! I am a first year 4th grade teacher and am in need of my own classroom library. I would love to know more about the Studentreasures!

  5. Hi. These are great offers. I have used and LOVE and will continue to use student treasures. I am very interested in the penguin books for my 3rd graders!

  6. I am start as an ECE teacher at a daycare in September and would love to have more books to read to the children during circle time

  7. I am teaching 1st grade this year. I’ve always wanted to try out Student Treasures. I think letting the kids create their own books would be an amazing project.

  8. I think the student treasures offer is the best but they are all great. I would love for my 3rd graders to be able to use that program.

  9. I teach preschool and this year we are working on a literature program for our program. I would LOVE to win some free books.

  10. I teach 2nd grade. I enjoy new and interesting things dealing with reading. I want children to enjoy books the way that I do.

  11. I am a new preschool teacher. I would love any reading material I can get!! I would love the studentstreasures to make their work into a book!!

  12. I love the Student Treasures program. My students wrote a book 2 years ago that I wish I had submitted to Student Treasures. I will definitely be beginning early and participating in this program this year. I love the sample books we received. The students loved the idea of being published. This is a great program to motivate students to write.

  13. I love books, my students usually develop a love of books based on my enthusiasm for reading. It gets contagious in the classroom. The library could use some refreshing and a bunch of new books! Please help me!

  14. I think the Student Treasures opportunity is the best. I like the idea of using this medium to enhance our writing and story-telling skills.

  15. I teach Kindergarten and I am always looking for more books to add to my classroom especially for giveaways since my students rarely have books at home and I love to give them the chance to have one of their own.

  16. Children love books, especially ones they have create. This would be such a wonderful tool to have in our classroom

  17. I teach kindergarten and most of my students are at or below the poverty level. I would love to be able to make some of the stories into a book they could treasure forever with studentreasures. My students love stories!

  18. I teach first grade and I think the offer about the Ready-to-Read series is the one that rates the highest with me.

  19. Studentreasures strikes me as the best offer out of all of these, though I would enjoy any of them. I know my kindergarteners would be enthralled with a published book of their own!

  20. Children love to see something they have created. What better way then using studenttreasures!!! I teach preschool this would be a fun activity!

  21. We’ve used Student Treasures at our school before…they are amazing! My students love making their own books and then being able to actually have their work published to share with family and friends! I can’t wait to do this again this year. 🙂

  22. I am excited for the Curiosity Day!! I am going to download my kit right now!! LOVE the chance to win free books too!! Who wouldn’t!?

  23. I am always looking for easy to read books for my 1st graders. I want them to practice their skills and feel like a successful reader.

  24. Love having students create their own books and having them turned into hardbound books. My 1st and 2nd graders would love this!

  25. Books are the best gift a child can get. The more books the better. I think that if you can instill a love of reading to then when they are young, they will love it forever.

  26. I was interested in the Ready-To-Read and the Passport to Read. Hopefully I can get tips to help teach my preschoolers to read.

  27. I may seem grabby, but the ownership of a new book JUST FOR ME! is a potent motivator for many students to read.The Studentreasures program proposes to add a further enticement with the opportunity for students to write their own books that will be published as a REAL hard-bound book for free!

    I want this resource for my K-5 students with special education resource services!

  28. The student treasures offer sounds amazing! I teach pre-k for head start, so we are always looking for more to offer our children. What better way to foster literacy than for children to see their own ideas come alive!

  29. I like the Curious George activity packet and the Ready to Read resources. I teach kindergarten and both would be great additions to my classroom.

  30. I cannot wait for Sept 16 to celebrate Curiousity and my Favorite monkey George.
    I teach prek and I know they will love it.

  31. The Student Treasures sounds great to get my preschoolers interested in books and reading!! This would truly make them feel independent about reading to someone else this way!!

  32. I like the student treasures offer. It would be really neat to allow students to create their own books. All of my third graders would LOVE it!!

  33. i like all of them, but the ready to read is my faviorite. i have a grandson going into 2nd grade struggling…..want to give my other kids a better start.

  34. I am a nanny to a 2 year old who’s favorite thing is to read. He would rather read a book 20 times in a row then play with toys.

  35. Who would like free books for their classroom! I would love to share these books with our students who live in a small, rural high poverty area!!!

  36. I think for the most student learning and creating a lifelong joy of reading, I would have to choose the Student Treasures program. What an amazing way to to share the reading/writing connection.

  37. I think the Student Treasures would be great. We are going to do Literacy Buddies and want to encourage the children to write their own books.

  38. I loved Curious George as a child and I will be so excited to share these “curious” adventures with the childrenI work with, although, I must say all of the offers are exciting!

  39. Students always think books are a “stupid” gift until they actually receive one. They really want to be thrilled, but they are too busy being “cool.”

  40. The books in my toddler class have had it! We’ve been open for four years and the kids have worn them out! We’ve been struggling to stay open like a lot of centers during these tough times, but are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with our new owners! Some new books would be FANTASTIC!

  41. I would love to have some of these books as part of my classroom library! I love the Amber Brown books. She is a great character and the kids are able to relate to her.

  42. Would love anything to add to my classroom library! I love Curious George! Just getting started in the world of education.

  43. The Ready-to-Read series is my favorite. I teach Kindergarten and any resources that can give my students the confidence they need to begin reading sound great to me!

  44. I think my kindergarten students would love to learn with Curious George, so this gets my vote as the favorite resource!

  45. My sixth graders would love to have new books. We are a title I school and students have told me that they do not have any books in their homes. How sad is that? So when I personal library lacks books at the end of the year I just hope they will be reread again and again.

  46. All these offers seem wonderful! Free books for my second grade classroom is appreciated. My students read-to-write. I encourage students to read and write a story of their own.

  47. I teach young toddlers and they love book.We go through books like crazy and I am sure they would live the curious George books. I think it is very important to get them interested in reading at a young age.

  48. My first and second grade students would love to build their confidence in reading. The passport to reading program sounds wonderful!

  49. Reading opens so many doors to learning. I teach preschool and they are Curious like Curious George at this age. I know that they would agree with me-we would be interested in the Curious George Freebie. We love to READ!

  50. I teach first grade and I know they love reading curious george. Free books would just make their day! Mine too!

  51. I really think the Ready to Read offer is wonderful. Watching children learn how to read is such an exciting time. We have a great deal of little ones this year, and our lower level books is limited.

  52. The Ready To Read series seems like a good one for my kindergarten class 🙂 Though to be fair, we love all sorts of books!

  53. I love all of these resources. Great ideas for promoting literacy. I really like the curious george one. My third graders would love to have new books in our classroom.

  54. We have just started a school library and some early reader books for our first and second graders would make an awesome addition!

  55. My favorite is the book publishing! There is nothing more special to a child than to have his own words in a “real” book.

  56. While Penguin Young Readers is age appropriate for our group, my daughter was internationally adopted and I love the concept behind the new Pass port to Reading series.

  57. I really enjoyed the passport to learning reading program and their offer the best. I think my kindergarten students would really like the books.

  58. Love all of the links and resources. Setting up my first classroom. All of the books and ideas would be fantastic!

  59. I have just come back to themailbox.com and I’m excited about it!! Receiving books for my 3rd grade classroom would be awesome because I believe “Readers are Leaders” and that’s what I love to produce.

  60. Student Treasures is just what I need. Getting little ones to be excited about learning to read -wow! Imagine if they could see their own books in print!! How exciting and what a motivator. Absolutely amazing!!

  61. I taught 5th grade last year and will teach 2nd grade this year! Receiving books for my new classroom library would be awesome! Getting kids hooked on reading is one of the keys to success!

  62. I am always looking for ways to encourage the love of reading at our library! This a great opportunity that has me really excited!

  63. I think that the Curiosity Day activities would be fun. I teach fifth graders, but they love things like that! I’m sure they’d love to revisit some Curious George books for read aloud too! Older kids still LOVE picture books!!!

  64. What’s a kindergarten teacher to do, when the student’s parents refuse to get their child a library card and the school library discourages that grade level from checking out books for home use? A library of books for my classroom would assist me in teaching book responsibility and I’d be able to give books to my students who otherwise for none in their home.

  65. The ready to read series sounds great. I’m not sure if it is available at the preschool level but Kindergarten would be great too!

  66. I think that the Student Treasures offer would be fantastic for my 3rd graders! I’d love to see them develop a love of reading and writing from the start of the year.

  67. I requested the free activity kit to go with the Amber Brown book. I had a little girl last year named Amber and she was thrilled to read this book. We even borrowed some amber from another teacher and looked at it under a microscope to see a bug trapped inside. How cool.

  68. I’m a Pre-K Preschool teacher- 2K- at a Weekly Early Education center.
    I loved reading the information about Curious George creators and how he came to be …. I still have my childhood Curious George doll and I’m 34yrs old.

  69. I love the Curiosity Day idea! We are always looking for ways to get the kids reading. I cannot wait to implement the ideas on September 16!

  70. I am a new kindergarten teacher starting up my classroom supplies for this year. When I see the sign free I am all over it! What a wonderful contribution to deserving students and teachers! Thanks for the opportunity!!!


  71. Student Treasures Publishing has come on to a great idea! My media specialist worked her butt off to get every one of the primary school’s students to publish their own book. My class enjoyed this tremendously because of her help. It is worth the effort but very time consuming like it would for a real author.

  72. Curiosity Day! I enjoy incorporating “George” into other areas of learning in my Kindergarten classroom such as inquiry, and birthdays (a similar concept with “Flat Stanley”).

  73. Love the Student Treasures publishing – I teach 3, 4 and 5 grade gifted students and they published books last year – they turned out fantastic!!! (and the parents LOVED them)

  74. I love the Curiosity Day with Curious George! I am a K-5 Media Coordinator and I teach K-2 Media Classes. My students would love this! I will be sure to look at the activities & plan some fun for September 16th! Thanks for sharing!

  75. My students LOVE Curious George! his books show how it is important to be curious,even if he is a little mischievous. if you are not curious you won’t find out new things and learn! Gail Purdy. 1956 State Rt 61. Sunbury. PA. 17801

  76. Receiving free books would be great for a classrooom. Students need so many different levels of reading materials to meet their various abilities. I would love to receive free books for my classroom and help my students become strong readers and better learners!

  77. I do Family child care and I can use any freebies I can get as with the economy I can’t afford to buy much for my child care and my parents are just as hard up as other people. Susan

  78. I love all books and always have felt like a book-a-holic when it comes to buying them and placing them in my classroom for my students to be able to read and enjoy! I love the ready to read series because of the levels. The kids love being able to move up to the higher numbers………….they are so funny!

  79. I teach Kindergarten in NC and would love the opportunity to win any of these wonderful give aways. I am particularly interested in the Young Readers and the Curious George books!

  80. The “free books” caught my eye. I teach in a very rural school and a lot of the students do not have books at home to read. I try every year to have as many books as possible in my room that they can take home besides the ones that they can check out of the media center. I teach 6th grade.

  81. I think that the StudentTreasures book publishing idea is completely awesome. I would love to make class books with my students.

  82. I teach 10th, 11th, and 12th grade English is a high-poverty school in the Arkansas Delta. I am always looking for free books, so THANK YOU!

  83. Free books will always be a favorite among teachers. Students are always needing books. I jsut found out today that KY ranks 41 for child welfare and 48 for poverty. I definitely see it in the classroom. 2nd grade

  84. I teach 4th grade and have a wide variety of reading levels. We do not have a functioning media center and haven’t for several years. I try to have an assortment of books in my classroom library which I loan out to students.

  85. My 5th grade kids love free books….I have used the student treasures before to write books with my class. They make a great keepsake for parents and gifts for grandparents.

  86. My students and I love all the adventures and mishaps that little George finds himself in. The first grade teacher and I have decided to try and have a Curiosity Day. Our school is a non -profit and what you might call “poor” financially(but not poor on enthusiasm and family-feel!) so we would love to win one these kits! Go George!

  87. What is there not to love about an adorable little monkey who gets into mischief because of his curiosity? I have quite a few kids in my class who can relate to George! He was a part of my childhood and I am so happy to be able to share him with my classes many years later!

  88. What great offers! Free books, magic words to teachers and especially in these tough budget days.
    Our budget has been cut so deeply it really hurts.
    My kinders. love Curious George!!!
    I Treasures book publishing is a great idea too.

  89. I teach 6th grade math and science. My students struggle with reading, so I love to have books that they can read if they finish early. I also know how important it is to have books on a variety of topics, especially in science! We are 100% free and reduced lunch and it would be awesome to win some books for the students!

  90. My preschoolers love to listen to stories. Unfortunately, our classroom doesn’t have a lot of books. this past year I spent over $200 on books plus I borrowed books from our school and local libraries and other preschool teachers. It would be wonderful to have more classroom books.

  91. I love the posts because it highlights the best of the best for we teachers. I have just become somewhat savvy on blogs. Thanks for being easy to use and access. Rhonda

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