Did Someone Say “Argh”?













Well, shiver me timbers and a yo, ho, ho! Today, September 19, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I’m going to let ye in on a teeny secret. Now this is not the secret—the crew at The Mailbox are hardworking swashbucklers. We are diligent in our goal to create the highest-quality teaching resources for teachers and their students. What ye may not know—and it might be better if ye kept this little secret to yerselves—is The Mailbox crew can get kooky on a moment’s notice. Today is a great example. I doubt there are too many offices where employees are sporting eye patches and spouting pirate speak. One buccaneer brought in a booty of cannon balls (cheese puffs) and a pail of shark bait (fish-shape crackers) to share with her shipmates! Blimey, me’s grateful!

Here’s something else ye may not know. As quick as a parrot can caw, ye can find a treasure trove of pirate-themed skill sheets, rhymes, songs, and crafts at themailbox.com on any day of the year. Just click here to check ‘em out. No heave-ho needed.

This ole salt (aka “experienced sailor”) is signing off with a “Yo, ho, ho!” and a booty of cannonballs!

May your sails be full,



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