Crazy Good Bulletin Board Idea

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-11-05-59-amCheck out this idea for a student-created bulletin board for November. It’s a Pinterest find—look on our Pinterest “Bulletin Boards and Displays” board. The idea for the November advent board comes from Ms. K over at the Teacher Blog Spot. Each student writes (or draws) something he is thankful for on a numbered and colorful construction paper square. You can see from the photo that displaying thankful thoughts is easy-peasy.

There’s more! Check out my ideas for turning this idea into a year-round bulletin board display. All that’s required is changing the seasonal cutouts, cutting construction paper squares in seasonal colors, and providing students with a writing prompt related to the month. You’ll need to update the title to match the month. Now that’s a crazy good bulletin board idea! Enjoy!

Possible titles:

December—31 Days of Thoughtfulness

January—31 Days of Setting Goals

February—28 Days of Kindness

March—31 Days of Good Luck

April—30 Days of Caring for the Earth

May—31 Days of School-Year Memories



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