Crazy for Kindergarten!

It’s National Kindergarten Day–a day to remember Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel (April 21, 1782  – June 21, 1852), who is considered to be the father of kindergarten. The first kindergarten was developed in 1873. Unfortunately, people at the time thought his “early learning through play” concept was a bit too wild and crazy, and kindergarten was banned by the Prussian government. This gives me a mental picture of very stern government employees stealing blocks from four-year-olds. Kindergarten became popular at a later date but didn’t actually become part of a school system until 1873.

Kindergarten has certainly become more academic, something I surmise Mr. Frobel would frown upon. Fortunately, there are many playful ways to teach important skills! Here are two of my favorite playful kindergarten activities, Enjoy!

Youngsters try to beat the clock with this whole group rhyming game!

Spelling practice is engaging with this activity!

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