Crayola Beauty Line

What? That was my response too! Well, it’s a fact. Crayola recently launched a line of Crayola beauty products that includes face, cheek, lip, and highlighter crayons, mascaras, and eyeshadows. As far as I can tell, the product line includes 56 items. Most items look like crayons and have fun crayon names that include Mango Tango, Peachy Pink, Cerulean, and Dandelion. What I can’t say is whether or not the beauty products have that unique waxy smell teachers love. Currently the product line is only available through ASOS, an online retailer. You can CLICK HERE to take a peek.

Last summer Crayola launched a line of nail polish colors in collaboration with Sally Hansen. (I just learned about this as well!) The nail polishes also boast familiar Crayola colors such as Sea Mist, Canary, Melon, and Cotton Candy. The bottles are a sweet shape and sport the iconic Crayola branding. You can find out more about the nail polishes HERE.

What Crayola products are on your

back-to-school shopping list?


I wonder, could Crayola hair color be next?



7 thoughts on “Crayola Beauty Line

  1. Hmmm,Crayola beauty products? We’ll see if their beauty products
    are safe. I’ve already purchased back-to-school Crayola products-
    I bought Multi-Colored Chalk,Construction Paper Crayons,Crayola Crayons,
    Watercolor Pencils,Dry-erase Markers,Washable Finger Paint,
    Multicultural Pencils,Washable Markers,Tempera Paint and
    Air-Dry Clay.

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