Craving Creativity? Read On—Plus Enter to Win a Blockbuster Prize!

The school year is about half done, so it’s that time—time to mix things up a bit! These fun freebies and handy resources are here to help!

Let us know which of these items are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win this prize that’s sure to add fun to the classroom: the Quiz Whiz from Educational Insights. Make your own electronic quizzes, challenge students to create quizzes, or use the quiz cards that are provided. Submit your comment by midnight ET on Monday, February 20, 2012, to be included in our drawing. (Update: congratulations to Brie, who is our winner!)

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Crayola has just introduced a whole assortment of free professional development resources! The Champion Creatively Alive Children series helps your students learn creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. The program includes lots of different resources, from videos and guides to PowerPoint presentations and flyers. Click here now to download your free materials!

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Add creative new elements to your teaching! You’ll learn lots of new approaches and meet fellow professionals at the upcoming National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conferences. The national conference will be held in Philadelphia April 25–28, plus regional conferences will be held in Dallas, Chicago, and Hartford this fall. Click here to learn more!

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Here’s a topic that’s sure to go over big with your class—elephants! The International Fund for Animal Welfare offers free activities, a video about the plight of elephants, an online book, an interactive poster, and much more for teaching students about these endangered creatures. Click here now!

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Immerse yourself in creative thinking and professional enrichment with master’s programs available from Indiana Wesleyan University. You’ll find in-person and online options; programs can be completed in 12-23 months. Books and materials are delivered to you! Learn more at or click here!

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Spark students’ problem-solving skills with the new Simple Machines Set from LEGO Education! Combine science, math, engineering, real-world experience, and hands-on investigations with this resource kit. Click here now to learn more!

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Students love science. Catch their interest—and get them engaged in reading—with Seeds of Science, Roots of Reading from Delta Education. Click here to get an overview of the program. Or click here to sample free activities from the series. Plus, for free offers and other goodies, check out the Seeds of Science Facebook page. Click here!

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16 thoughts on “Craving Creativity? Read On—Plus Enter to Win a Blockbuster Prize!

  1. My favorite is the NCTM. I went to their national conference in Indianapolis last April and it was amazing! Truly life-changing and a fantastic experience.

  2. Love the new resources from Crayola. Wow>
    Also the lego resource.
    I am thrilled to say a new resource for the classroom and a new one to use with my lego fan grandson. Thanks for always finding new resources that are excellent.

  3. I’m liking the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Anything I can do to help my students be better stewards of their environment! 😀

  4. My favorite is the NCTM, too; however since I teach Special Needs kids and not just math, I am no longer able to attend (I could if I paid my own way). Definitely an amazing conference!!!

  5. Wow! All of these Look great! I love elephants and I would love sharing how elephants live with my students. Elephants never leave a family members behind and they mourn their own dead. I feel the love the elephants have for each other is the way I love my own family. I would really enjoy sharing this with my students. I teach 3-6th grade, high functioning structured autism classroom in the PV school district.

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