Crash, Bang, Boom!

The rumbles and cracks of thunder can startle even the most stoic. Here in the boro, the last seven days have brought us five thunderstorms and each has been a real doozy! With this in mind, I thought I’d share a nifty little song that has a soothing effect on children, adults, and even pets!

(sung to the tune of  “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”)

Thunder, thunder, in the sky.

Thunder never makes me cry.

Thunder’s just a great big noise.

No more loud than girls and boys.

There’s no need to run and hide.

You are nice and safe inside!

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Some folks like to watch thunder and lightning storms—not me! I turn off the TV and try to keep busy. Of course I often have a 50-pound pooch in my lap! What about you? Are you a storm watcher?




One thought on “Crash, Bang, Boom!

  1. I hate storms ever since a small tornado went through my neighborhood when my oldest was 2. It was interesting when his kindergarten teacher told me she had never had a class so full of children scared of storms

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