Cover Your Ears—I’m Talkin’ Teacher Evals

Each year around this time your peeps at The Mailbox fill out self-evaluation forms. The form includes things like quality and quantity of work, initiative, dependability, and so on. Goals are also addressed—how well you met last year’s goals and what you hope to achieve in the coming year. Then of course each peep meets with his or her boss who has filled out the same form for the employee.

This process got me to thinking about the ways in which teachers are evaluated. I know it’s different between schools, districts, and definitely states. Are you comfortable with how you are evaluated? Is there a component you wish you could change? Also, when do these evaluation/observations take place?

Okay, I’m done talkin’ evals. You can open your eyes and uncover your ears!

Hope to hear from you!


7 thoughts on “Cover Your Ears—I’m Talkin’ Teacher Evals

  1. At my school, this is the first year that we’ve not been able to schedule our evaluation time. We were given a 3-week window instead.

    As an early childhood educator, I do not like my district’s evaluation process. Evaluating PreK and 4th grade in the same way is not right. Everything is expected to be cookie cutter. That upsets me.

  2. My concern this year is regarding a comment my observer made. “I’ve never taught or been in a Toddler Room so I don’t know what I’m suppose to do.” This does not make me feel good at all>

  3. Evaluations are sometimes done by site administration which I am generally ok with as they know you and the kids somewhat. Those are more on target I feel. What I hate is every so many years they have a total stranger from the main office do them. Those are not in the least bit helpful as they haven’t been in a classroom in years nor do they directly deal with children. I want someone who can come in and offer me advice on how to be better. Give me suggestions and point out what I do well

  4. We are evaluated 5 times yearly with the same evaluation used for high school teachers. It is completely inappropriate for preschool.

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