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CindyHi, all! I’m Cindy Hoying, and I contribute ideas to The Mailbox. My ideas get published and are used in classrooms across the country. What a great way to make an impact on education! I started contributing in 2012 and love it! Why? Here are my top three reasons:

  1. I can help teachers and students in a positive way.

  2. I can earn extra income doing something creative, rewarding, and fun.

  3. The ideas I submit don’t have to be perfect. The Mailbox’s professional editors (all former teachers) take care of all that stuff!

I love to check out what the editors are currently looking for. They also love to get ideas on any topic or theme. Click here for the editor requests and submission page. Give it a try!

Before I go, here’s a fun springtime activity I’ve whipped up just for you!


Drip, Drip, Drop!

Draw a row of drooping flowers on your whiteboard and get a die. Lead students in reciting the chant below. Then have a child roll the die and count the dots. Next, have her draw that number of raindrops above the flowers on the board. Continue for several rounds with different students until the flowers are being “watered” by a nice healthy rainstorm. For a more challenging version, have the child use two dice, add the dot sets together, and draw that number of raindrops.

Raindrops, raindrops, come on down!
Help my flowers in the ground.

All the best!


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