Colorful Prizes! Two Teachers Each Win 10 Pairs of Westcott Jellies™ Scissors—and More

Scissors aren’t just scissors. Westcott Jellies have super-comfortable, super-squishy gel-grip handles and come in lots of fun colors. One lucky teacher will win 10 pairs of the 5-inch scissors and another lucky teacher will win 10 pairs of the 7-inch scissors.

How can you enter our random drawing? Submit a comment to this blog by Thursday, May 14, and share one thing that you find super comfy these days. Favorite sweats? PJs all day? Bunny slippers? Please share! (Congratulations to Suzy and Elizabeth, who are the winners of our prize.)

Speaking of getting comfortable, settle into these great contests; you could be our next winner:

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There’s a new sweepstakes that just started at The Mailbox, and it’s all about Westcott Jellies scissors too. Download free social-emotional learning activities and enter for a chance to win 30 pairs of kids’ scissors, 30 Jellies Flexible Rulers, and a pair of Jellies™ scissors for you, too. Three lucky teachers will win. Enter now at

A stay-at-home order is rough, but books make it a little better. Enter for a chance to pick your prize: a set of 30 books from the Rick Riordan Presents imprint, the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series, or the Popular Picture Books series featuring Mo Willems and Ryan T. Higgins. Plus you can download bunches of free teachers’ guides for popular Disney Books titles. Enter at

Feeling like a winner? Good luck!


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43 thoughts on “Colorful Prizes! Two Teachers Each Win 10 Pairs of Westcott Jellies™ Scissors—and More

  1. How cool are these?!?! While I am still going into my classroom a few days a week, I have been able to spend more time at home lately. My favorite comfy items these days are a t-shirt, yoga pants, and bootie slippers. It feels so good to hang out in my comfy clothes all day. ????

  2. I’m comfortable with a more relaxed schedule! I can still teach and get things done, while hanging out with my own 2 kids.

  3. These look SO COOL! I would love to have them in my classroom! I’ve enjoyed wearing sweats every day, even if I need a dressier shirt for online times 🙂

  4. My Ugg slippers are a daily companion. I’m wondering what I will do when school resumes a s I have to wear real shoes!!

  5. Comfy, for me, sweat pants or shorts, it is getting hot in Michigan, soft slippers and a cup of tea, I can get so much done with these, meetings: Just have a nice top on, and no one knows the rest of my outfit!!!

  6. It’s wearing PJ Bottoms and a T-Shirt or either Jeans or Leggings on the days I have to run my son back & forth to worth and to shop for groceries on Senior Citizen Day.

  7. I love wearing leggings, long t-shirts and very little makeup. Sleeping a little later is nice too!

  8. I just love wearing my running tights, wool socks, and slippers all day. Of course, on top there has to be something kind of professional when working with kids. Who sees my feet and legs anyway!

  9. These scissors would work great for my kindergartners especially those with fine motor issues. What do I find comfy right now…my blanket that infortunately I’ve been having to use frequently due to the chilly weather

  10. What makes me feel most comfortable right now is sitting on my porch on my glider and looking at the wildlife in my yard. It’s a tiny, little escape.

  11. I’m most comfortable in my day pjs, but then I always look forward to changing into my night pjs! LOL

  12. I have been dressing comfortable- t-shirt and shorts. I have tried to do my hair and makeup most days. My office is on my sun room so I have really enjoyed the beautiful weather. I am trying to find the good in everything.

  13. My soft and fuzzy wool socks are keeping my feet warm and toasty since our Illinois spring is having trouble sticking with warmer temps. We will be having a freeze here tonight just as the lilac blooms are all set to open (sad).

  14. just staying home with my dogs has been very comfy for both the dogs and for me. Being able to throw a blanket over me when i am chilly is very cozy and comfy too!! thank you

  15. Love Wescott scissors and am sure I will like the Jellies even more! I love being in flannel or jersey cotton pjs all day with some warm fluffy socks to keep the toes warm! Sometimes using the heating pad helps too!

  16. Tight leggings that I would never wear in public but are very comfy. Easier to get on then tights or stockings!

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