Classroom Supply Anxiety

The scene: Mr. Savelle’s classroom, midwinter. Outside, the world is frigid and white. Germs, bacteria, and insouciant upper-respiratory infections stalk the land. Inside, we are bathed in hand sanitizer and going through tissues like Rachael Ray goes through extra virgin olive oil. Not familiar with Rachael Ray and her zest for olive oil? Then let’s just say my students were going through tissues with nose-blowing zeal!

What had once seemed like a sure thing—my First Day of School Tissue Supply—has now become a source of near-constant anxiety. How will we make it through the season without a serious influx of additional tissues?

These days, there are a number of ways and places where you can create school supply lists and manage your classroom supply needs quickly and easily. But how do you feel about going back to the well before the middle of the year to ask parents for help restocking your school supplies?

Let us know your tips and tricks for managing supplies and expectations in your classroom. Cold and flu season is coming!

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