Classroom Management Is in the Cards!

Have you played the game 52-Card Pickup? It’s a card game you only agree to play one time. I was a kid when I agreed to play. My uncle asked. I agreed. The next thing I knew the 52 cards in the deck he was holding were spewing out all over the floor. Hence the name, 52-Card Pickup!

Cards are great for reinforcing math skills, however have you ever considered using a deck of cards for classroom management? It’s super easy! As students arrive each morning hand each one a card from a shuffled deck (or kiddos can draw cards as they enter). Get students to line up quickly by naming suits, numbers, or face cards. Use the same technique to form groups. To encourage class participation, announce a suit and a number or face card to identify whose turn it is to respond to a question or share an opinion. For added fun, occasionally end the day by announcing a wild card. Whoever holds that card gets a homework pass or a trip to the treasure box!

I certainly don’t want to force your hand,

however I’d love to hear if you have a

card trick or two up your sleeve!



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