Claps, Snaps, and Moos?

My get-a-cow-to-come-say-hi skills are rusty. I learned this a few weeks ago when a friend’s car decided to conk out on a country road. While we waited for assistance, I decided to befriend a cow in a nearby pasture. I conversed. I cooed. I mooed. I even flapped my arms. Nothing but a stare—or maybe it was a glare—I’m not sure. Clearly, this cow was not impressed!

While these attention grabbers are not cow proven, they are teacher proven for the classroom. What’s your favorite way to grab your students’ attention?

Teacher                  Students

Hocus-pocus…    …everybody focus

All set?                     You bet!

Ready to rock?     Ready to roll!

Holy moly!             Guacamole!




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