Do you see what’s just ahead? Autumn. Autumn is all about change, and it’s no coincidence that the traditional school year starts on the cusp of autumn, since there are always so many changes at the beginning of each school year too.

For example, my oldest son is in middle school. This week, all 1,100 students in his school received tablet computers. Talk about dramatic changes! Everything about how he will respond to class assignments and execute work has suddenly changed in ways both large and small.

From healthier cafeteria menus to different school supply vendors to unfamiliar members of the teaching staff, there are always plenty of changes to get used to at the beginning of a new school year. What changes are you most and/or least excited about where you work?

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One thought on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Working with Pre k age group they find seasonal changes exciting for the most part. I enjoy watching their look of awe and excitement the first major snow. Living in Minnesota most adults see winter as never ending work, and wonder. I wonder if I will have to shovel before I can go to work? I wonder if everyone will have their much needed winter cloths? I wonder if it will be to bitter cold to play outside? I wonder how many children will need to use the bathroom the second the cold air hits them? Even though it is a crazy amount of work you just have to go with it and enjoy.

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