Celebrating Words! Two Books to Win and Adore

April is National Poetry Month, and we’re ready to celebrate. Since rhymes often come in pairs, this week on the blog we’re giving away two books that are too good to miss:

  • The Word Collector by Peter J. Reynolds. Your students will love hearing how Jerome collects words–and how he decides to share them.
  • Jabberwalking by Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera. Fascinating, inventive language will grab students’ attention. Or as the author writes, “PLEASE don’t just sit there with a burrito in your ear.” Irresistible!

And in more good news, I have two sets of prizes to give away to two lucky teachers. For a chance to win our random drawing, submit a comment to our blog by Wednesday, April 18, to let us know one of your favorite words. Poetic thoughts are welcome but not required!

Here are some other word-related freebies for you:


The International Children’s Digital Library has stories in 59 languages. Find this free online library of more than 4,600 books at en.childrenslibrary.org.




Light a fire under your writers with Writing Sparks. Find instant, inspirational writing challenges, all free. Check it out at writingsparks.com.


Lakeshore has a new promo code that’ll save you lots! Get 20% off any single nonsale item in stores or online at LakeshoreLearning.com. Here’s the coupon code: 6800. These Write and Trace Story Stencils caught my eye—how cool!


I think pristine has to be one of my favorite words, along with bliss, effervescent, and serendipity. How about you?


PS: We just launched a new page on our site. Check out TheMailbox.com/BenandHolly for a magical collection of free activities featuring Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. Young elves and fairies will adore them!

37 thoughts on “Celebrating Words! Two Books to Win and Adore

  1. Ponder – My students and I put our hands under our chins to ponder what a new word means, a math problem, oh just about anything that there is to think about in first grade!

  2. I teach Title One services and the students love to collect words, after reading Max’s Words. I read it kindergarten( skimmed) and read it to first to fifth grade, they all wanted to collect their own words- thankfully I provided them with a notebook to do just that and more.

  3. Canoodle: fun to say and more fun to experience! This word relates back to our ultimate comfy/cozy word: hygge and the pleasure we get from enjoying each other’s company. Picture a canoodle with a good friend: whispering, giggling, and sitting together.

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