Celebrating Grandparents, Curiosity, Creativity, and You! Win a Book!

National Grandparents Day was this month, but if you ask me, I think we should celebrate grandparents every day! That’s why this adorable read-aloud, My Bibi Always Remembers, caught my eye. In it, a little elephant wants to be just like the grandmother elephant whose memory helps protect the herd. Submit a comment to the blog by 11:59 pm EDT Sunday, September 28, 2014, to tell me which of the items below are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win this book! (Update: Congratulations to Kristin, who is the winner of this book!)


If you’re a preschool teacher, here’s a great opportunity that could help you add to your PLAYMOBIL supply: 500 preschool teachers will each win a PLAYMOBIL prize pack by entering at TheMailbox.com/playmobil123. You read that right—500 winners! And that’s not all; ten lucky teachers will each win a $250 PLAYMOBIL shopping spree! Everyone who enters gets free preschool activities and a special coupon. Everyone’s a winner! Not a preschool teacher? Find someone who is and let them know about this. It’s an opportunity too good to miss! Click here now!


We all know how curious kids are. Celebrate that curiosity by planning a Curiosity Day event featuring Curious George! Click here to download a free event kit. You’ll get games and activities, event-themed nametags and images, coloring sheets, decorating ideas, and more. Then keep the curiosity going throughout the year with free classroom resources. Click here!



Here’s a fun way to build literacy skills. Add to your students’ creative toolbox with Crayola’s Ultra-Clean washable markers and  erasable colored pencils. Little mistakes are no big deal when they can be erased or washed away. You can also register at Crayola.com/Educator for free resources just for teachers, including lesson plans, professional development workshops, grants, and more! Click here to check it out!


Is classroom management near the top of your wish-to-improve list? Then look into Graceland University’s online master’s of education degree in management in a quality classroom. It focuses on the best practices of effective classroom management in the context of a responsive approach to instruction. Through the program (did I mention that it’s entirely online?), you’ll learn how to establish a productive classroom climate, apply management techniques, and foster student learning and behavior accountability. Click here now to find out more!


Don’t forget; submit a comment for your chance to win My Bibi Always Remembers!


16 thoughts on “Celebrating Grandparents, Curiosity, Creativity, and You! Win a Book!

  1. Well if I absolutely have to pick it would be Curious George but I really love all the resources. Love playmobile. As a Grandparent and teacher you are right Grandparents should be celebrated daily.

  2. A large part of my curriculum includes family involvement. Reading stories is a great way of including the family, so having a book that includes grandparents would really support the children’s learning. I would love to add, My BiBi Always Remembers to our library! Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Will definitely pass along the Playmobil info to our pre-k class, but I really am psyched to have Curiosity Day at our school. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. I would have to say they are all great but I pick the Curious George resource lots of good stuff in it. I too think grandparents should be celebrated more.Children can learn a lot from Grandparents.

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