Candy Cane Fundraiser—A Sweet Success

Y’all know that, even though I’m no longer in the classroom, I am connected—in a good way! I have several friends who teach in our local school district, which by my standards seems huge: 67 elementary schools, 22 middle schools, and 26 high schools. Anyhoo, this past week, one of my best buddies and with her grade-level peeps held a school-wide candy cane fundraiser to help fund an overnight field trip planned for the spring. It was such a success in many different ways that I wanted to share!

The weeklong fundraiser, in a nutshell, was this. Fill out a form like the one shown here. Turn in the form along with 50 cents by a set time each morning. A candy gram, with a small candy cane taped to the back, would be delivered to the recipient a few minutes before dismissal on that day. Teachers could purchase a class set for $12.

The sweetness of the fundraiser was above board. Teachers, students, and even parents made multiple purchases that resulted in many, many happy thoughts and quite a bit of dough. Teachers worked together to make sure every child received one or more candy grams. And the students who assembled, sorted, and delivered the candy grams worked together too! This outcome of the project was a delight to the teachers involved. What began as a fundraiser became a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and team building. How cool is that?

I understand that fundraising can be a bit of a sticky topic (no pun intended!). However, I would love to learn about other successful fundraising experiences. Please share!



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  1. Our school does a auction and I have each of my classes make a craft that includes lots of pictures. It goes pretty well

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