Buzzing Back to School

It’s that time, isn’t it? My guess is you’re either teaching students, preparing for the first days of school, thinking about the first days of school, or making the most of your last few days of summer.

This morning I pinned an adorable bee craft to our Arts and Crafts Pinterest board. Before I knew it, I was buzzing down a trail of bee-themed crafts, perfect for back-to-school displays. I’ve brainstormed some titles and included snapshots of a few bee crafts just for you! Here’s hoping you’ll find a title and project that you like.

Wishing you a honey of a school year!


Possible titles:

  • Welcome to Our Hive. It’s the Best Place to BEE!
  • Buzzing Into [Grade]!
  • BEE a Reader!
  • BEE Kind. BEE Trustworthy. BEE Responsible. BEE a Friend.
  • BEE Yourself. There’s Only One You!
  • Room [Number]’s Busy Bees! 
  • What’s the Buzz? (post calendar, school menu, school announcements, etc.)

Possible crafts:  

    lunch sack, doilies

 construction paper

paper plate, black tape, coffee filters








     craft sticks, paper towels

6 thoughts on “Buzzing Back to School

  1. This is a theme I have always loved but have never used yet. Pending this for perhaps a bulletin board idea or next years theme.

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