Bunny’s Book Club: You’ll Hop for Joy if You Win This Book!

Bunny’s Book Club meets at the library every Saturday. The forest friends read and use the computer while Bunny swaps book recommendations with his book buddy, a little girl named Josie. When Josie admits she’s nervous about starting school, Bunny and his pals come up with a plan. (Hint: Don’t be shocked to see Squirrel in the school gym or Bird in the music room.)

Want to win Bunny’s Book Club Goes to School (Doubleday)? (Update: Congratulations to Melanie, our lucky winner!) To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog by Thursday, August 29, and answer this question:

If you were going to have an animal as a member of your class, what animal would it be?

A sheepdog to herd your wayward students where they need to go? A friendly lion to call the class to attention? A wise old owl to inspire thoughtful questions? So many fun possibilities!

Here are some other fun possibilities for you to explore this week:

Invite an author to your classroom—for free! Author Alane Adams travels all over the country spreading her message that reading is a superpower. Learn more about inviting Alane to your school and download free book club materials at alaneadams.com.



Create a culture of literacy in your class. The upcoming ILA 2019 annual conference focuses on how to inspire students and set them up for greater success. The conference will be held October 10–13 in New Orleans. See the list of speakers and learn more at literacyworldwide.org/conference.



Provide students with an endless stream of stories in their native languages at storyweaver.org.in. Choose a level and language, then students can read, save, and download books. Stories are available in over 100 languages. It’s all free!

If I got to choose an animal for my classroom, I’d hope for a giraffe. I could use a little help getting items off of high shelves.


PS: We’re running an Instagram contest. Post a back-to-selfie and follow the instructions at instagram.com/themailbox. You could win 20 books!

20 thoughts on “Bunny’s Book Club: You’ll Hop for Joy if You Win This Book!

  1. I have fish in my pre-k classroom. I new pet I would choose is a dog. A therapy dog would be wonderful! Students could love on her, read to her, and talk to her whenever needed.

  2. According to past writing assignments with my first graders, a penguin is the perfect classroom pet. They can dive for lost pencils, waddle the line at the correct pace, and eat all the fishsticks on that day in the cafeteria so they don’t have to!

  3. I would have a Guinea pig. They are so gentle and cute with rosettes! I had them previously and they were a hit with my Kindergarten scholars.

  4. I love tortoises and I think it would be great to teach my students to have similar qualities. Be patient and don’t rush into anything. Persevere and keep at it! And lastly, everyone learns/grows at their own speed so take the time YOU need to accomplish your goals.

  5. I would have a busy beehive! Bees all know exactly what their jobs are and work together to keep the hive (classroom) running smoothly for the betterment of all 🙂

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