Breaking the Ice for Back to School!

Well, it’s that time, teacher friends…the time during summer when I think I can put out back-to-school activities and you won’t try to hunt me down and slash my tires. This is always an iffy thing, because I know what it feels like to flip the switch between “teacher on summer break,” to “teacher getting ready for the school year.” If I ask you to flip that switch too soon, you’ll revolt—and with good reason. So here we go! Check out this terrific back-to-school activity. It helps break the ice and melt away those first day jitters. 

Do You? 

Getting ready: Make a list of questions that students will be able to answer by saying either “yes” or “no.” (See the suggestions below.)


  1. Designate one side of the room for “yes” responses and the opposite side for “no” responses.  
  2. Have students stand in the center of the room. 
  3. Ask a question and have each student respond by quietly walking to the side of the room that matches his answer.
  4. Repeat Step 3 with several different questions. 
  5. Wrap up the activity by pointing out that each student has a lot in common with various classmates. 

Do you:
-like to play outdoors?
-have a brother?
-have a cat?
-ride the bus to school?
-walk to school?
-like the color green?
-have tennis shoes on today?
-like pizza?
-like spiders?
-have a dog?
-like cereal?
-like to play outside?
-like to read?
-have a sister?
-like to play sports?
-like to draw?
-like music?


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