Boo to You!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

Your friends at The Mailbox will soon be dressed up, sugared up, and wound up! Each year on Halloween, we are invited to take one hour from our workday to participate in ghoulish festivities. Today at ten o’clock sharp, trick-or-treating begins along with opportunities to make fall crafts and listen to a spooky story written and read by our inhouse Graphic Services Coordinator and horror enthusiast Mark Rainey. There’s a pumpkin-carving contest and a costume contest too. Then, at 11 o’clock, it’s back to work. I’ll post pictures tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Boo to You!

  1. What a great way for your company to provide some Halloween fun for all of you! In our program, we have a Halloween party every year; everyone dresses up in costumes and we have a huge turn-out, with parents leading crafts, games and making pumpkin cookies with the children. It’s so much fun and so memorable. We discourage anything scary and no one is offended by it. I find it sad that so many schools and programs, both public and private, have cut back, watered down or eliminated altogether, any sort of Halloween celebration. I’ve been teaching preschool over 30 years, and I think what has happened in our local schools is that a few families, who didn’t celebrate Halloween or thought it was too scary, complained. So the administrators or district decided to cut it from their programs. I think this is really unfortunate. The majority of the families attending support it and are sorry to see it go. I think a better solution might be that the families who don’t choose to celebrate Halloween might keep their child home that day or those children might decorate a pumpkin instead of a Jack O’Lantern. In some cases, I see schools that only allow kindergarten classes to celebrate, (which doesn’t seem fair) or they may only offer a “Harvest Party” without costumes or there is just a brief time at the end of their school day when the teacher offers seasonal games with some refreshments. In the past, the whole school set aside the time for everyone to do a costume parade, and each class enjoyed their own Halloween celebration in their classroom. Am I just on old, outdated dinosaur? Are there no longer any benefits of preschools and grade schools celebrating Halloween? I’d love to hear what others think about the loss of this fun, fall event.

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