Beautiful Words: “Good Morning, Snowplow!”

With the wild weather we’ve had around the country lately, I couldn’t resist featuring this book. There’s nothing more magical than seeing a snowplow come down the street when you’re all snowed in. (Spoiler alert: School gets cancelled in the story, so your students are sure to love it!)

To win the book, submit a comment to this blog to let us know your favorite thing about a snow day. (Update: Congratulations to Carol, our lucky winner!) Send your comment by Wednesday, February 20; one lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win.

While you’re waiting for that snowplow, take a peek at this week’s fun freebies and contests.

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I have lots of favorite things about snow days. Suddenly I want to bake bread and cookies and fill the house with delicious scents. And, of course, I do love to see the snowplow coming!


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52 thoughts on “Beautiful Words: “Good Morning, Snowplow!”

  1. Was about 10 during the blizzard of 1978 in Indiana. We were out of school for about 3 weeks and my sister and I played out in the snow for as long as our mom would let us. Frozen toes and all 🙂

  2. No snow days here in South Texas, but those snow days in Missouri when I was a kid were so much fun. Loved going outside to sled, skate, and build snowmen.

  3. On Snow Days I usually can’t go anywhere. It’s nice to stay home. Sometimes I catch up on things that I haven’t had time to do Other times I use the day for myself. I watch movies/TV, stay in my pajamas. When my children were still at home we would go outside and play in the snow. I guess what I really like is that it’s an unplanned day off.

  4. My favorite snow days consist of staying home with my own children, trying recipes that I don’t usually have time for and catching up on lesson planning. I also use that time to catch up on new children’s books that I haven’t had a chance to read and incorporate into my classroom. Nothing better!

  5. Well my school is now on day 12 of snow days. When its called the night before I like not having to set alarm. Time to search for different ideas to implement in the class. And i enjoy baking as since its just me I dont do much of that.

  6. Honestly, sleeping in. I love to be able to stay in bed just a little bit longer and snuggle with my honey and my kitties as long as I can. Usually, I’m the first one up and out the door so it’s a real treat on snow days to sleep in.

  7. My favorite thing about a snow day is being able to sit in front of my heater with a cup of coffee and a good book or just watching the snow fall. I also love watching my 2 dogs run around like puppies in the snow.

  8. Seeing lots of snowplows in Western Montana this week along with the cold. -28 degrees without the wind chill. Brrrrrrrr!

  9. Oh my gosh! Must sleep in…….must stay in jammies until noon and must drink lots of yummy coffee and enjoy the quiet ????

  10. My favorite thing about a snow day is the anticipation of watching the school names scroll across the tv screen…waiting and waiting and then….CLOSED! Then it’s time to jump back into bed and stay in pjs all day!

  11. I always hope it’s knowing about the snow day the night before so I can not set an alarm and wake up to the sound of a snowplow! 🙂

  12. We recently moved from North Carolina to Missouri. Our kids are still apologizing for this winter’s weather! Snow days mean staying in my pajamas, making homemade soup and baking cookies.

  13. My favorite part about having a snow day is the feeling of relief that I don’t have to be out on the roads. I can enjoy the beauty that the snow brings to the surroundings.

  14. My favorite thing about a snowy day is the relaxation and enjoyment I get from watching the white fluffy snow fall from the sky.

  15. What’s not to love? Sleeping in (especially if you find out the night before), avoiding bad roads, a big breakfast, binge watching a favorite show, long calls to friends and family who are home as well, etc. etc.

  16. Schools are closed and we can have Family Time playing in the snow. We can build snow people, make snow angels, build a fort and have snow ball fights. Afterwards we some hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows.

  17. My favorite thing about a snow day is spending time with my family and shoveling while the dog jumps up and down and my kids build a fort. There is nothing like snow in New England and the peace and quiet it brings (except for the plows 🙂

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