Bear Crossing & STEM Freebies! Win a Book

I narrowly missed hitting a bear the other day. That’s right—a bear! It was dark, snow was blowing, and a huge black bear darted into the road right in front of my vehicle. I slammed on my brakes, and the bear tucked tail and ran. Whew, that was close! You know what else is close? STEM-themed freebies and the chance to win a fiction book about bears needing to sleep during the winter!


Post a comment to this blog no later than 11:59 pm EST on December 11, 2016, to tell me which of the items below could help you. From the comments, I’ll randomly select one teacher to win
Are You Sure, Mother Bear?  (Update: congratulations to Raquel, who is the winner of our prize.)


Moana Hour of CodeLooking for a surefire way to get your
K–5 kids and their families interested in coding? Hold a Moana Family Code Night, a science learning event with a theme inspired by the new Disney film Moana. Get help with a free event kit, featuring the free online tutorial Moana: Wayfinding with Code, invitations, posters, a program script, handouts, and more. Sign up here.



With Thanksgiving Day behind us, here’s a chance to wind up your Native American unit with a twist. Introduce your students to today’s Native Americans in STEM fields with free posters and inspiring profiles encouraging kids to persevere. Click here to download the posters or request up to five printed ones for free.


on-the-farmSTEM coordinators or team leaders: you have a chance to attend an On the Farm professional development STEM event at no cost to you. The program will equip you with free lessons, activities, and online tools. Click here for details. The first deadlines are December 16, 2017.

Don’t forget to post a comment for your chance to win the book!

On the lookout for wildlife,


PS: Will you be participating in the Hour of Code next week, December 5–9? Get free resources here!

22 thoughts on “Bear Crossing & STEM Freebies! Win a Book

  1. Are You Sure Mother Bear? Looks like a great read aloud when you have a short time to fill. It is a book students are sure to love.

  2. I have been doing Hour of Code with my students for quite a few years….looking forward to trying the Moana HofC. My students LOVE coding 🙂

  3. The book ” Are You Sure,Mother Bear?” would be a great and fun read for my preschoolers and when I babysit children of various ages!

  4. I love the idea of an Hour of Code related to this popular movie. Several of my students have already seen it so this would be fun!

  5. Are You Sure Mother Bear sounds like an adorable read aloud for my second graders. So glad you did not hit the bear – that would have been unbearable!!!

  6. I would love the book “Are you Sure Mpther Bear?”. I do a unit about bears and hibernation during my guided reading. My kindergarten students would love this book. Thanks for supporting education.

  7. I am interested in the moana hour of code and also are you sure mother bear would be a great book for my preschool/kindergarteners.

  8. Wow! My kindergarten class is visiting a Nature Center in January to learn about hibernating animals (through a puppet show)! We even will take a hike through the woods. “Are You Sure, Mother Bear?” sounds like a perfect companion to share before our trip! Thanks for the offer.

  9. What a fun book to read in Hawaii where winter is rainy and humid, not cold and snowy, except at the top of Mauna Kea maybe. And what a perfect Coding focus: Moana, set in the Polynesia. Mahalo for the opportunity to win a new book, and to feature coding at a library program.

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