Bark in the Park: Win a Poetry Book Sure to Get Tails Wagging


This book celebrates special pups of all shapes, sizes, and colors with super-short poems and super-cute illustrations. To enter our random drawing to win the book, submit a comment to this blog by Thursday, December 26, and share the name of a dog who stole your heart. One lucky teacher will win! Congratulations to our luck winner Sydni Coleman!



We’ve sniffed out some fun freebies for you this week. Take a look:

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Check out those freebies, then paws to submit a comment for a chance to win this week’s prize. I just may keep hounding you until you do!


PS: Speaking of pets and poetry books, I am in love with Marilyn Singer’s new book of poems about the presidents’ pets, called Who Named Their Pony Macaroni? You can win it here.

28 thoughts on “Bark in the Park: Win a Poetry Book Sure to Get Tails Wagging

  1. Ebony was a rescue dog who found my son working on our farm.. After a few days he was able to entice her to our yard, From that day forward Ebony adored my son. When he sat down she would put her head in his lap and gaze at him adoringly. I told him if he ever found a woman who looked at him with that much love, he should marry her,. Ebony lived out the rest of her life surrounded by love, good food, and vet care..

  2. Her name was Keisha, an Australian Shepherd. She belonged to a neighbor up the road but thought she belonged to me. She was my protector from anyone or anything she didn’t deem safe. Sadly, she was killed by 2 pit bulls that had gotten loose. I still miss Keisha after 4 years. She was the greatest dog ever.

  3. All my dogs have won my heart, but especially my Lily; she was a rescue (as are all my pets). Prior to living with me, she had been hit by a car and was physically disabled from the hips down. Despite her injuries, Lily lived life to the fullest; even my vet used to say he wished he had her spirit. When I get down, I think of Lily and her courage and zest for life!

  4. Buttons, my grandparents cocker spaniel. She kept me nap o. her and she protected me when a mirror crashed to the ground when it fell off the wall.

  5. Simply Simon was my Newfoundland who was at my side all the time. He even went to school with me every day and never minded staying in the back of the car to wait for me.

  6. My dog Rocky was with me for 15 years. He was supposed to be a Jack Russell Terrier. I say supposed because he grew to be 40 pounds. He was so smart and so attentive to me. I still miss him.

  7. Thor, the winner of the 2019 Westminster Dog Show, stole my heart. I love bulldogs and was ecstatic when he won the prestigious award this past Thanksgiving!

  8. My Bonnie girl who had to stay with my parents when I moved interstate. Moving back home next month and can’t wait to make up for all the missed cuddles & belly rubs!

  9. My mother’s English Mastiff stole my heart! He was the sweetest dog. He thought he was human. He would sleep with his head on the pillow and try to “talk”. He was the best dog with children. He would even let my kids drive hot wheels cars on him when they were little. He was the best dog ever! I miss him!

  10. Molly, our shih tzu, was a sweetie. She melted the hearts of my family and our elderly neighbors’ hearts as well. Although not trained, she was their therapy dog while they were ill.

  11. Izzy, our Black Lab who came to our house as a stray. For three days, I would watch her run off and go down our country road. Every night she would sneak back to sleep on our deck furniture. My daughter, Amelia began talking to her and softly coaching her. After the fourth evening, Amelia came into our house to show us she could pet Izzy. She also had worked with her on sit, come, and shake. My husband and I watched in amazement, with Amelia’s encouragement she let me come closer and pet her. My husband wasn’t as fortunate, it took her about a week to warm up to him. We girls, took her to the vet the next morning to make sure she wasn’t chipped and get her current on vaccinations. We found out that she was approximately a year old. It’s hard to explain but she was a blessing for our family. It’s like she is an old soul and so grateful. She is truly a friend to all the neighborhood animals-cats, dogs, rabbits, birds. She loves everyone. You look into her eyes and it is like she knows exactly what your mood is or what you are thinking. She has blessed our family beyond measure. Since Izzy came to us in the country, we have gained more strays. We have two other stray dogs and nine cats that have joined us. She is still the friendliest to all of them but she also keeps them in line and makes sure they know, she is the boss. It’s fun to watch her try to “herd” her stray siblings and take charge considering how timid and scared she was when she came to us. I am so thankful my daughter took the time to save her and let her live the rest of her years being spoiled by our family.

  12. Sweet Peaches, was my childhood dog and my protector. She always barked at my friends, especially when my friends and I engaged in “horseplay.” I will always remember her, she was my true friend, no matter what was happening in my life or hers.

  13. My boarder collie Kona is extra dear to me out of my 5 fur babies. We found her when a woman was getting rid of her because her spouse was going to put her down if she couldn’t find a home. Kona came home with us the next day! She is a love bug who looks at me like I hung the moon. She’s a once in a life time kind of dog! She loves kids and acts like a nanny, and is right under my feet wherever I go!

  14. I spent my entire childhood asking for a dog but my parents always told me we don’t have a yard big enough. When I was 40 years old and had a home of my own my dad bought a fence for my yard. My search for a dog began. Not long after I found my beautiful Sophie. A big, brown, slobbery dog from the country. She was the perfect southern porch dog. I enjoyed nine wonderful years with her. I still miss her every day.

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