Art At the Beach!

Myrtle Beach, SC

I’m going to the beach next week…Myrtle Beach, to be specific. I suspect we all like to do similar things at the beach. My favorite activities include lounging around, eating, drinking, and walking along the beach looking at seashells and random critters in the surf. I think one of the most fascinating things I see at the beach are jellyfish. They’re beautiful! To capture the beauty of jellyfish, try this watercolor mosaic art with your students!

To make this artwork, have students scribble on white paper with light-colored crayons. Then prompt them to watercolor over the crayon marks. Set the papers aside and allow them to dry. Next, instruct each child to use a pencil to lightly draw the bell of a jellyfish on a sheet of 9″ x 12″ construction paper. Have him tear pieces of the prepared papers and glue them down to fill in the bell. Then prompt him to cut or tear strips of the paper for the tentacles, only adding glue to the top of each tentacle so they hang free from the construction paper. These projects look great displayed on a wall or in a hallway.

3 thoughts on “Art At the Beach!

  1. I want to go, too!!
    Our family always loves exploring the beach for interesting sea life. Neat project!

  2. At the beach this week in Rehoboth, Delaware. Can’t wait to use the great ideas with my granddaughter to remember all the wonderful things we have discovered here. Thanks!

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