Are You Having Fun?

Guess what day it is? Well, yes, it is hump day. However, the day I have in mind is recognized just once a year, yet what it promotes hopefully occurs a whole lot more often. Confused? Here’s the answer: today, January 28, is…drum roll, pleaseNational Fun at Work Day! Now this doesn’t mean you can put your work aside and laugh it up watching YouTube videos. :+) Instead, National Fun at Work Day is a reminder that creating and maintaining a positive work environment is a joint effort between employers and employees. So how do you help make your school a positive place for your colleagues and students? I already know you love your work! How else do you help out?

Having fun at work!



One thought on “Are You Having Fun?

  1. We have our fun days for the kiddos. The parents always celebrate my assistant and my birthday. On field trip days my assistant and I go to lunch afterwards and have been known to go shopping. We always have fun

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