Are You Feeling Fall?

owwwwwwwlllllsssWhen I have difficulty waking up in the morning, I will usually lay in bed and check out Facebook on my phone. It’s an enormous phone, and its piercing light generally wakes me up a little. Anyhoodle, this morning, one of the first status updates I noticed was a gripe about fall coming. “The earth is dying…the weather is dreary…I don’t like pumpkin-flavored things!” I’m sure you have Facebook friends who feel the same way. You might feel the same way. You might be more of a spring or summer person.

But even all the fall haters out there will have to admit that this fall craft is insanely cute! It’s so cute, it just might change some of them into fall lovers. I’m having a little fantasy that involves everyone rolling in fall leaves and tossing handfuls of candy corn with gleeful abandon. Ah, fall.

Are you a fall person?


3 thoughts on “Are You Feeling Fall?

  1. Absolutely love fall. All the wonderful things I use to teach the leaves, the strange gourds and pumpkin and squash pounding so mcuh fun. And of ocurse the best part the orchard visit. Any excuse to eat donuts.

  2. I LOVE fall. It is my favorite time of the year!!! I miss living in the Midwest where we actually had seasons. No seasons here in South Texas!

    I miss the pumpkin festivals & apple festivals that I used to go to in Missouri. I miss seeing the leaves change color. I miss the cooler days.

    If I could move back, I would. 😉

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