Are the Cupboards Bare? Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

By early May, with the end of the school year on the horizon and Field Day looming, a supply cabinet filled mostly with air and dust bunnies always stared back at me. The tissue reserves had been decimated by March, if not earlier. Notebook paper? Fugeddaboutit! Cleaning products? Sure, there were a few items left, including an emaciated roll of paper towels and a half bottle of Goo Gone. So May always included at least one trip out to buy school supplies. By the end of the month, hoping to never over-buy, I’d find myself out for the fifth or sixth trip for one more thing.

How about you? How many times per month do you buy school supplies with your own money? Leave a comment today! Everyone commenting on today’s post will receive a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $15 or more from The Mailbox and be entered to win $50. Submit a comment by 11:59 PM, May 12, 2013, to be eligible.

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15 thoughts on “Are the Cupboards Bare? Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

  1. I buy alot of materials during the summer months when things are on sale. I usually spend about $100.00 per month the rest of the year. In May , I usually spend at least $300.00 or $400.00 for parties , awards, and end of the year needs.

  2. I spend about $100-$200 a month. I like to spoil my kids, either with new toys or new crafting materials. I also spoil them when it is their birthday. I love my JOB!

  3. I do go to different places buying materials in order to get them on sale (Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, teacher store). I go shopping to get a few things here and there but it adds up quickly. Normally, I go to pick something up about once a week but it never costs too much. I realized making a list ahead of time does help cut down the number of times I go! I am a new teacher so I am consistently thinking of new things I need! 🙂

  4. Oh gosh, I spend a minimum of $100 of my own cash per month. Not to mention old toys my own kids grew out of, household stuff I sneak out of the house 😉 and my husbands and daughters services constantly in the classroom. Plus I love to find bargains at thrift stores and yard sales, a great way to stock play, manipulative and teacher resource centers. So maybe I spend closer to $200 per month, who’s counting anyway! Hopefully not my hubby;-) Teaching is the best!

  5. This is one of the most rewarding careers out there. I have held many positions and jobs before finding my perfect spot. I have spent about $1700 this year on and on my classroom not including items from my personal supply at my house (toys, ink, paper, etc.) I know my friends/students appreciate it. Teaching is a passion not a job!

  6. I spend more at the beginning of the year than during the year. I try to ask my students’ parents for assistance with whatever we are lacking.

  7. I spend 50 to 100 dollars each month. My husband has asked me to slow down, but it is so hard when I love these kids so much!

  8. Wow I am always spending money on the classroom and the kids. I always want my students to have the best and have everything they need even if it comes from my pocket.

  9. I spend approximately $2000 per year. Most spent in the summer, but on average about $30 month during the school year. Toner and printer paper gobble up a lot, however, I teach math, so pencils and erasers fly out of my room daily.

  10. I tend to “school shop” on an average of once a week. I have had a couple of “last minute” shopping trips this year because of a project that I may have seen either in another classroom or on Pinterest that I just had to do in my room. 🙂

  11. I, too, am constantly spending money. Right before testing, my team made “Survival Kits”, which included Hershey’s “Hugs” and “Kisses” to remind the kids that we love them… Chocolate is going to bankrupt me! 🙂 And how ’bout index cards & the ziplocs needed to hold them?! I’d say that I spend about $20-30/month (if I’m lucky)!

  12. I don’t know what the exact number would be, but once or twice a week for sure. Like Darlene said, it’s more important to me that the students have the high quality resources that I think they need and deserve than that I have the money in my pocket.

  13. Congratulations to Amanda Richardson! Amanda, you’ve been selected from a random drawing as the winner of the “Are the Cupboards Bare?” Giveaway. We’ll contact you by email shortly.

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