Apples Aplenty!


I’m channeling Johnny Appleseed. (I hope no one here at The Mailbox needs this sauce pan at the moment…)

Look around your classroom. I bet there is at least one apple-themed tchotchki sitting somewhere. If not, maybe you have an apple-themed poster on the wall or…wait, are you wearing an apple appliqueé on your shirt? You see, I know you. I, too, have numerous apple paperweights and necklaces and sweaters. An apple is a symbol for knowledge, and so we’re stuck with it.

 But I know that you also love this humble fruit, because it’s a great back-to-school theme and a terrific way to teach a variety of skills! See below for  a couple of my favorites from our online collections. Just click on the images to take you to the ideas!

Do your little ones study apples in the beginning of the school year?




2 thoughts on “Apples Aplenty!

  1. I am giggling at your picture with the saucepan on your head! I dressed as Johnny Appleseed when I taught Kindergarten and put coffee grounds on my face for my beard! The kids loved it and I smelled like coffee for a while!

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