And We Have a Winner!

children-593313_1280Please join me in congratulating Linda C., the winner of this month’s First Friday Giveaway. Linda has won the ginormous scarecrow bag and all the goodies inside. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drive a brand-new car (or a used car for that matter) inside the bag. However, I feel certain Linda will be pleased with the treasures I could tuck in!

I attended a home party last week and won an easy-to-read measuring cup. You would have thought I had won a car! I was very excited to win the cup, tinted pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is something very joyful about winning a surprise prize.

Have you considered a monthly prize giveaway in your classroom? Perhaps students could earn entries for completing homework or displaying a specific character trait throughout the month? Or maybe all students’ names are entered because all students are important to you! Whatcha think? What are your ideas?

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3 thoughts on “And We Have a Winner!

  1. I really like how my son’s school does it. Everytime a student is caught doing something noble they get a slip to put their name on and enter it into a drawing. They receive a certificate lunch at special table with friend of choice. Sometimes a free mini pizza, picking snack for the day, or a special privilege of sort.

  2. Wow!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts. I don’t win prizes very often so this has been a real treat!!! I really like the Activity Cards. I’ve been a Mailbox fan for over 30 years. I always recommend this magazine to my Student Teachers if they can only choose 1 magazine to subscribe to! I can’t wait to share the candy corn with my students…they will like the treat! The colored paper…I was looking for some today to make some copies….just what I needed (I had just run out of my colored paper)!
    Thank you again for the nice surprise!!!

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