An Unbelievable Fortune

Why are fortune cookies so irresistible? Yes, they’re yummy if you like crunchy sweets. And yes, I like sweets of all kinds. Yet, in the case of a fortune cookie, it’s that little paper that peeks out between the cookie layers that I find quite irresistible. This week, I shared a good laugh with a friend who accused me—a writer and an editor—of editing my cookie fortune. I mean, really!

Kids can have loads of fun with fortunes too. For an irresistible writing center, fold a student supply of four-inch circles in half twice and staple a fortune strip inside each folded circle (cookie). Store the cookies in a bag; then put the bag and writing paper at a center. Each student chooses a cookie and pens a narrative piece about his good fortune!

So if you could write your own fortune, what would it be?


Diane   #BeTheDifference


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