All for the Birds! Win Our Prize and Be a Part of Science

In Bird Count (Peachtree), a young girl takes on the role of citizen scientist by participating in one of the annual Audubon Bird Counts. You can win this book—and you and your students can participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count coming up in February. 

To enter for a chance to win the book, submit a comment to this blog to let us know your favorite bird. The hyper hummingbird? The beautiful blue jay? The familiar robin, pigeon, or crow? Share by Thursday, February 13. One lucky teacher will win! Then swoop on over to check out these science-related freebies. Congratulations to our lucky winner Joanna Kohlbus!

The Great Backyard Bird Count will be held February 14–17; participants count birds for as little as 15 minutes (or for as long as they wish) on at least one day during the event and report their results. Learn more and download participation certificates at


Cubes in Space allows students ages 11–18 to design experiments to be launched into space. The catch? All experiments must fit inside a small plastic cube. Register your students by February 7 at




Need to keep students on track with their work? Enter for a chance to win the Time Timer Max, which has eight timers in one. Enter here


We feed the birds at my house and have some massive crows that visit. I think I’d better say they’re my favorites because I don’t want them to get upset. (Did I mention that they’re very, very large?)


PS: Have you seen the Learning magazine digital issue? Take a look here.

37 thoughts on “All for the Birds! Win Our Prize and Be a Part of Science

  1. We know summer has officially come to The Northern Neck of Virginia when we hear the Summer Tanager sings his song.

  2. Cardinals are my favorite. I get chickadees, titmouse, woodpeckers,cardinals ad finches at the feeders outside my classroom windows. The kids love watching them fly in for a seed or two during The day

  3. I love the birds, seeing the hummingbirds return in April makes me so happy. But in the winter I love the cardinals, blue jays and woodpeckers.

  4. MOCKINGBIRDS! It’s our Texas state bird. I have a Wild Republic Audubon plush Mockingbird with authentic chirping sounds that my 4 year old students play with as we learn the Mockingbird lullaby and the children’s version of “Listen to the Mockingbird” and practice imitating other tweeting sounds just as the Mockingbird does. It’s one of my favorite teaching units!

  5. In Hawaii, seeing a red red cardinal is a thrill! Love the red-headed ones also. The tiny mejiros, or Japanese white-eyes, are fun to watch flitting about.

  6. My favorite bird is Big Bird! I love that tall yella’ fella. But seriously, I love hawks. They are so beautiful and graceful.

  7. My favorite was the Cardinal but it is now the Humming Bird. I brought my Mom down to KY to care for a few years ago. She loved to sit by the big picture window and enjoy the scenery. One morning she said Susan come quick what is that by your flowers there. I said “Oh, Mom that’s a hummingbird>” She replied I’ve never seen one before it’s beautiful!” The look on Mom’s face was precious and now every time I see a Hummingbird I think of her and that smile on her face.

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