Ah-choo! Pass the Hand Sanitizer Please and Enter to WIN!

Do you feel like shouting “Duck!” every time you hear an ah-choo from one of your students?

Are you tempted to add “surgical masks” and “latex gloves” to your classroom supply list—right next to the note where you plead with each parent to please, pretty please send in another box of tissues and another bottle of hand sanitizer?

We’ve got something to ease your concerns. Take the PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer 30-Day Classroom Challenge at TheMailbox.com/30daychallenge. Download a free kit to help you teach kids the value of hand hygiene and—this is my favorite part—enter to win a $200 Amazon gift card plus $200 in PURELL products for you and $200 in PURELL products for a charity of your choice! There’s more: five runners-up will each win a PURELL prize pack valued at over $100.

Want to see what you can get? Click on the images to find a few items from the kit to help get you started. Don’t forget to click on the money-saving coupon too!




Here’s another bonus: submit a comment to the blog by 11:59 pm EST Sunday, November 30, 2014, to tell me when you’ll be launching your 30-Day Classroom Challenge. Two lucky teachers will win Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes! The book helps students understand that all around them are tiny living creatures that do all sorts of things, from giving people colds to making yogurt to making the air we breathe. (Update:  congratulations to Rhonda and Kelly, who are the winners of our prize.)


Click here to take the challenge, enter for a chance to win, and to get your free resources! Do it now; no doubt another ah-choo is headed your way soon!


12 thoughts on “Ah-choo! Pass the Hand Sanitizer Please and Enter to WIN!

  1. I tell kids all the time what happens every time they speak, germs go out of their mouths to all around them. Tiny Creatures would really highlight that statement. There is nothing worse than have a child speak, spit in your face as they speak. Gross. But that is the challenge when you teach.

  2. I always tell my class to use a tissue instead of their sleeve.My change is to have the kids use a tissue instead. I tell them that when you do that you get to throw away the germs………….

  3. WE read books about germs the children have made pictures of what they think germs look like. We talk about using tissue as they have seen that sometimes when you sneeze on your arm or sleeve as they say “it’s gross. We do a lot of handwashing and use a lot of Purell.

  4. I am starting a new teaching job December 8; just in time for all the winter germs! I look forward to starting the challenge with my new class after the winter break.

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