Activities and Displays!

The school floors have been waxed, and you finally get the okay to go into your classroom and begin setting things up. I suspect these are a few things you might be thinking (because these are the things I thought at the beginning of each school year)!

  1. This year is going to be awesome!
  2. Didn’t I just do this? (Seriously, it seems like school just ended.)
  3. The class lists aren’t complete? Come on—I need to label stuff!
  4. My classroom smells so clean! Well, that won’t last.
  5. I’m going to need some more caffeine.

The beginning of the school year is such an exciting time and a crazy time! And since it’s so busy, it would help to combine displays in your classroom with activities students can complete during the first week. Check these out:


Each child creates a piece for this puzzle display!


Students write about their hopes for the year with this money-themed board!


Enjoy! And make sure you’re getting enough caffeine. 🙂








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