A White Christmas?

This Friday, I am off to Michigan to spend Christmas with my parents. Growing up in Michigan, I feel that Christmas should look a certain way. It should involve snow—lots and lots of snow. Christmas in North Carolina, where I currently live, generally looks very brown and gray over the holidays.

However, I’m clearly not meant to have my white Christmas this year, because my hometown in Michigan is currently snow-free. I have a friend who even used his lawn mower last week! (Now granted, he’s a little bit abnormally obsessed with grass growth, but it definitely rudolphinsnowstormmakes a point about the lack of snow.)

To make myself feel better, I gazed at this photo of my parents’ backyard during a much whiter Christmas in the past (see above). Then I found this adorable process art idea. It’s Rudolph lost in a snowstorm! I may have to make it myself just to get in the holiday spirit!

Are you supposed to have a white Christmas this year?




4 thoughts on “A White Christmas?

  1. Hey Diane –
    I also live in N.C. apparently we may get snow this week so hurry back home and you wont miss it… on the other hand, if it were me, i would stay with my family a little longer. When it snows up on our mountain i dont even get to work it is just not possible
    Happy Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for all your hard work..i always find your blogs interesting and helpful
    Heather ( the British lady in the mountains)

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