A Summertime Surprise!

Would you like to win an ePacket from The Mailbox? Sure you would! As a special summertime bonus (for the months of June, July, and August) a pop quiz will be posted here on the blog on the last Friday of the month. Score a 100% on the quiz and you are automatically entered in a drawing to win a free Mailbox ePacket valued at $10 or less. Just be sure to take the quiz before the end of the month! (Hint: all answers can be found in the current month’s blog posts.) This is going to be fun! 

Pop Quiz for June

1. What picture book is celebrating 50 years in print?

a. The Hungry Caterpillar      b. The Thirsty Caterpillar      c. The Cute Caterpillar

2. Where is Kim going over the July 4th holiday?

a. Whitehaven Beach     b. Pebble Beach      c. Myrtle Beach

3. Why were cows the theme of June’s First Friday Giveaway?

a. Diane has a thing for cows.    b. June is National Dairy Month.     c. Cows are smart.

4. What are BoClips? (HINT: Check Karen’s latest blog.)

a. fancy hair clippers   b. jumbo paper clips    c. free video clips for the classroom

5. When is the next First Friday Giveaway at The Mailbox Blog?

a. Friday, July 5    b. Friday, September 13     c. Friday, June 7

You’ll ace this!



Congrats to Karen, the winner of this surprise giveaway!

16 thoughts on “A Summertime Surprise!

  1. Do I use a pencil? Do I have to write my name? Can I use my book? Does this count for a grade?……;0)
    ( in case anyone is missing that…)

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