A Summer Promise


I promised myself that this summer, I would experience some new things. So a couple weekends ago, I joined a mob. No, not the mob—a mob! For about an hour, I was a member of a local cash mob. I did a bit of research before I showed up. After all, I wasn’t interested in spending my Saturday behind bars! I learned that a cash mob is a group of folks who gather at a local business to show their support by making purchases. In my case, the cash mob I joined assembled at a locally owned pet store. The event was a lot of fun, and my furry family was quite pleased with the treasures I brought home. I’m already planning a return visit!

My mob experience has me wondering what kind of new things you’re considering for the upcoming school year. For example, are you changing grade levels or schools? Or perhaps you’re contemplating a new room arrangement, behavior management plan, or homework strategy? Or is it just too early in the summer to even think about these things?

Let me know!


6 thoughts on “A Summer Promise

  1. I am going to try Interactive Student Notebooks. It looks very interesting. Not exactly sure how though. I have seen a lot of Interactive Student Notebooks for Math (which I plan to try) but not a lot for 6th grade ELA and Social Studies.

  2. I teach fifth grade, so we don’t ever get an opportunity to do any arts and crafts or cute projects to hang on the walls. Everything is about rigor. I have no problem with a very rigorous curriculum, but I would like to have a FEW cute things up in the room. Therefore, I decided that this year I was going to use a lady bug theme in my room. I am putting fabric on my bulletin boards. I have some with tiny lady bugs on it and some that is simply red with black dots. I ordered a few red mini-pails for pencils, pens, etc. I ordered a couple of red storage bins and a lady bug garbage can. My bulletin board borders have 3-D lady bugs on them. It should be cute and it won’t be overwhelming. There will still be plenty of room for student work and of course it won’t interfere with the rigor of my instruction.

  3. I am awaiting my order of new Pete the Cat things for my walls. I have been spending time making various learnign games for my classroom too. Gotta love pinterst.

  4. I’m making a big change – I’m job hunting! A class of low-income students appeals to me. Success can be theirs with education!

  5. I have been substituting to finish my degree. I cannot wait until I get my own classroom again. I have taught 2nd grade. I have also assisted with ESE students in all grades. My heart is ESE students, but I love lower elementary as well as ESE students.

  6. What a coincidence! My mom is 81 years old and has been wanting to learn to text. After a few attempts over the years and recently a new phone-she was able to master it while I was home on vacation!! She is such a motivator and inspiration to our family! My sisters and I decided we are going to learn something new! I WILL incorporate interactive websites and daily morning tutoring sessions for my students.

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