A Sticky Subject

I don’t remember eating paste as a child. I’m not saying that I didn’t eat it, but if I did, the taste was so traumatic that I completely blocked it from my memory. I do vividly remember paste in the classroom though. It came in those jars with the brushes attached to the lids. And it was always really gloppy and had a distinctive smell. I tend to avoid ever smelling it again because I’m half afraid there will be some strange warp in the space/time continuum that will instantly transport me back to first grade where I’m pasting little squares on a worksheet. I seem to remember that paste was frustrating to use, but then again, glue sticks and bottled glue can be too. Just yesterday, here at my desk, I was picking the dried bits of glue off of a glue bottle so the bottle would function properly.

How do you deal with glue in the classroom? What type do you prefer? And did you ever eat paste as a child? You might as well admit it! It means that you’re creative. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Sticky Subject

  1. I always ask for Elmers because its the best Elmers glue and glue sticks.
    I talk to kids about a little dab will do you when working with glue. The other tip I use when working with glue sticks and markers is when you put the cap back on listen for the click. The click happens when you really have the top back on. Since I preach treating our school tools with respect this really helps gives the kids a concrete way of telling if they have put the tops back on. I used to love the smell of paste. But I have to say as I have gotten older yuck it stinks. But then I was one of those kids who used to stick my head out the car window whenever we got gas because I loved the smell of that too.

  2. I certainly remember using paste, but I don’t recall eating it. 😉

    I prefer glue sticks, but I realize that they aren’t the best for teaching motor control. Therefore, I do put bottled glue out for my pre-k students to use on some projects. They need to learn how to control the flow/amount of the glue. Sometimes they use too much; sometimes they use too little. But it’s all about learning through trial and error.

  3. When I was three I loved eating paste in nursery school. I remember liking its smell, and I thought it had a sweet taste. Strangely many people today say I am creative. Interesting!

  4. I would say most kids give it a try, I know I did. One of the best things I learned, if you buy glue in large bottles (gallon/half gallon) for refilling, and don’t have enough small bottles to go around. Grab some of those little sauce cups, at Arby’s or another fast food restaurant. Put the paste in those for the students who don’t have their own glue bottles, or if you don’t give bottles to any of your kids because they were like me and would use the entire bottle on one projects, then give them an old brush or q tip as an applicator.

  5. I never ate paste, but Tyrone, who sat behind me in 5th grade, put it in my hair! I think he liked me!
    I sure could use some advice on getting the glue to always come out of those orange tips. Gluing projects are so frustrating!
    I’m always losing my straightened paper clip that I poke in to unclog the glue. Sigh . . .

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