A Slightly Scary Storytime

This poem book has long been a favorite of mine. I remember hearing the poems when I was in elementary school—and the illustrations bring back vivid childhood memories of fall. So when I taught in schools that had Halloween celebrations, I would always read this favorite aloud. One year, I read a particular poem with a bit too much enthusiasm, and when I yelled, “Boo!” all of my students jumped. I immediately thought I had gone too far and scared them, but they all wanted another read aloud of the “boo poem.”  

I think I lucked out during that experience. This happened to be a kindergarten class and I easily could have had students who didn’t like being scared, even in the safety of a brightly lit classroom. Keeping this in mind, here is a selection of not-so-scary picture books to read aloud during October. They’re perfect options for classrooms who don’t do a Halloween celebration. Enjoy!

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And for those of you who want slightly scary books with Halloween flair, here are my faves!




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