A Resolution With Legs

jarI believe I’ve discovered a New Year’s resolution I can stick with. It won’t make me sweat or experience uncontrollable cravings. If I space it out for a day or two—or a week—it’s alright. And as an added bonus, this resolution can help me power through those days when Murphy’s Law drives me alarmingly close to wigging out.

All I need is a container and scrap paper. I’ve invested in some colorful markers too because, well, I love colorful markers. Each day—or as often as I remember—I’ll write on scrap paper something good that happened during the day. Then I’ll fold up my note and drop into my container. I’m putting no limits on my feel-good notes. Found a penny in my purse. Passed up a slice of chocolate cake. Left work on time. Helped a colleague. Cleaned off my desk. Whatever makes me happy. Next year at this time, or anytime throughout the year when I need a pick-me-up, I’ll have feel-good moments close at hand!

Care to join me in creating a jar of happiness?



5 thoughts on “A Resolution With Legs

  1. I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful and fun Christmas!
    My jar of happiness is a jar of blessings that I made… My days
    of gratitude.?

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