A Real Eye-Opener

I always believed I had my parents to thank for my nearsightedness, and I probably do. Myopia, or nearsightedness, definitely runs in families. But there’s more to this eye condition than genetics. Here’s a bit of research that I find to be, well, eye opening!

Three years ago, Chinese researchers recruited 12 primary schools to take part in a three-year study. Half of the schools maintained their traditional schedules. The other half extended their daily outdoor playtime by 40 minutes. What were the findings? The children who had more outdoor time had a slightly reduced likelihood of developing myopia!

I find this so interesting. Of course, I suppose more research is needed to confirm and understand these findings. Does increased daylight help with eye growth and function? Or does spending more time outdoors simply reduce the time kids spend in front of computers? I say let’s leave these questions to the researchers. In the meantime, I vote for more recess minutes!

Do you think your students have enough recess time?




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