A Magical First Friday Giveaway

Happy New Year y’all! Are you ready for the first, First Friday Giveaway of the new year? I sure hope so! This month’s giveaway prize includes an adorable plush (and perhaps magical) unicorn, a pack of unicorn and rainbow stickers, and an assortment of colorful markers, pencils, and highlighters that are sure to brighten a drab winter day. To enter for a chance to win this one-of-a-kind prize pack, simply leave your answer to the following question right here on the blog before midnight on January 13th, 2019.

What is something your students

don’t know about you?

This is going to be fun!



82 thoughts on “A Magical First Friday Giveaway

  1. Happy New Year to everyone – I just returned yesterday from our Christmas and vacation in Florida. My students don’t know that I am multilingual or that I play the French horn.

  2. My students don’t know how much I love to shop. After teaching at the same school for so long I have taught most of the kids older sibs so the kids know a lot about me. My kids are friends with their parents so they even see me at social things. So my kids know me well. But shopping is my secret vice. Love love love going to Kohl’s

  3. My students don’t know that after a couple of really tough months I was thinking about leaving. Today when one of the children told me I was the best during circle time and got up and hugged me, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere!

  4. My students don’t know that my 18 year old son is a lead singer in a garage band that plays all over Phoenix, AZ.

  5. My student’s don’t know that I don’t live at school. No matter how many times I tell them, show them pictures of my house… they still believe I live at school. Where do I sleep? I ask them. In the library with pillow and owl blanket.

  6. My students don’t know how much I really care about them and how much I do for them every single day during the school year… weekends and holidays included!!

  7. My students don’t know that I am the one who moves items around in my classroom and makes “ the magic” happen. They think our classroom mascot-Pete the Cat, Zero the Hero, and other “friends” do it. It is fun watching their eyes light up as they wonder who did it! Imagination is a wonderful thing!

  8. My students don’t know I work hard during non-school hours to make sure they have an excellent preschool experience!

  9. My students don’t know that I was a Congressional page in Washington D.C. while I was in high school. I lived several months with other pages in an apartment building and worked 5 days a week and had the weekend free to visit all the great sights and museums in D.C. Plus, meeting all the famous people, including the President and leaders from around the world.

  10. My student’s don’t know that one of my parents and I set up a blind date for her friend and my daughter. They are now married!

  11. My tiny tots don’t know that much about me since they are all under 4 years old. But I know that they (and their caregivers) don’t know where I live.

  12. That I am a book fanatic-I will hunt for good books on the computer and look at Goodwill and Salvation Army often to get some books for them, to put in their goody bags at the end of the year.

  13. My students don’t know the reason why I am unable to swim and am kind of afraid to learn. I almost drowned when I was very little but my brother saved me by pulling me out of the pool by my hair. Yes everyone, learning to swim is on my bucket list!

  14. My students don’t know the countless hours and apps and books I use to teach them what they need to know! Nor do they know how much I pray for them!

  15. My students don’t know how imperfect I really am….even though I emphasis we ALL make mistakes – hence pencils with erasers – but they don’t see me that way…..
    Love my kiddos!

  16. That I gave up my very lucrative marketing operations career to teach. I sleep so much happier at night working with my students versus my friends in the conference room.

  17. My students don’t know how much I love teaching them new things each week. I love it when I discover new facts about our weekly themes. We learn together!

  18. My students do not know that I would rather spend money on supplies for our class or for taking PD classes to improve my teaching than to spend it on myself.

  19. My students don’t know how proud I am when they do something on their own. Watching them grow and blossom is my favorite thing.

  20. My students don’t know that everyday I look for different was to teach and enspire them so they are able to be successful.

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