A Grab Bag of Science Freebies, PLUS Science Books to WIN!

When I arrived home yesterday, my eight-year-old daughter was outside observing bugs. She was lying on a blanket near our neighbor’s butterfly bush, busily sketching the critters that came along and jotting down her observations. When she found a nearly intact cicada shell, she came running inside to show it off. Now a cicada shell wasn’t exactly what I wanted on my dining room table, but I couldn’t help but smile. I hope that her love for science lasts for many years to come.


That got me thinking that we’ve run across some wonderful science resources recently that we haven’t shared on our blog. Submit a comment to our blog by midnight EDT on Monday, August 8, 2011, to let us know which of these resources are your favorites. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win an assortment of new books from Heinemann-Raintree, including Let’s Rock: Fossils, A Day in the Life: Grassland Animals—Ostrich, and more. Send us your comment today! (Hint: While you’re checking out these resources at the Heinemann-Raintree website, enter to win a complete set of the new Wonder Readers as well. Click here!) (Update: congratulations to Danielle, who is our winner!)


The International Fund for Animal Welfare offers an amazing array of resources—all free! IFAW has just released its beautiful new poster, DVD, and activities showcasing the amazing elephant. Visit this site to download the free materials and get info about the 2012 Animal Action Art Contest. Plus when you share your thoughts on the materials, you’ll receive a free gift especially for teachers! These materials are too good to miss; click here now!


Looking to pair science with literacy? Delta Education has a new research-based, field-tested curriculum called Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading. Each book introduces important science concepts that enhance learning, vocabulary, and reading skills. Plus Delta has a new Facebook page devoted to educators who want to inspire students of all ages and abilities. Click here to learn more about the curriculum, or click here to check out the Facebook page!


Morris Animal Foundation has a special section on its website for students. At MAFKids.org, kids can meet scientists, take animal quizzes, download wallpaper, see animal doctors at work, and more. Click here to check it out!


The Disney Planet Challenge is back! This environmental competition teaches kids about science and conservation while empowering them to make a positive impact on their communities. Open to grades 3-5 and 6-8, the elementary grand prize is a $5,000 award and a class trip to Disneyland. Get all of the details at www.disney.com/planetchallenge. Register today!


Don’t forget to let us know which of these science resources look good to you! In the meantime, I’m going to check out what bugs, plants, shells, or other science surprises my daughter has left on the table to show me… Enjoy!


PS: Last chance! Hertz Furniture will select one lucky teacher to win a home office furniture set valued at $1,000. Click here now. Hurry, this contest ends July 31, 2011!

32 thoughts on “A Grab Bag of Science Freebies, PLUS Science Books to WIN!

  1. Hi! I would love to have the Wonder Readers in my first grade classroom! The pictures are fantastic and they are leveled! It is a teacher’s dream come true! With the common core standards, I need all the nonfiction I can get my hands on! Thank you!

  2. Wow! I would be SO excited to get to help my students learn science concepts with the leveled readers! I always feel guilty not getting to fit in enough science each week at school. I think integration of skills is the only way to have the time. These awesome readers would be the key! Thanks so very much!

  3. Hi! I do not have many non-fiction readers, so I would love to have these in my classroom. My students would love the pictures. Thanks!

  4. Looking at the early learning science books my students would love the Habitats around the World,
    Health and Your Body, and I See books. Last year my class was completely enthralled with animal habitats, being a new teacher I was sadly unable to get them all the resources I wanted to for their curiosity.

  5. Non-fiction books are always a great addition to the classroom. The wonder Readers look like exactly the type of material I love to read to the students before we write about a topic. I would LOVE to win them!
    Thanks you!

  6. I am especially interested in the Disney Planet Challenge. I mentor a few middle school science teachers who are new to teaching. This might make a great class project for them. A class trip to Disney would be amazing. Thanks so much for posting this information.

  7. These books are amazing! I am in a K-bilingual class and so many of our kids don’t have access or exposure to materials like this. We try to provide as much vocabulary and real-life pictures/experience to them as we can! These books would tie in perfectly with what we are trying to accomplish!

  8. I had never heard of the Morris Animal Foundation. What a terrific resource for my students AND my daughters, animal fans all!

  9. A big “thumbs up” for the International Fund for Animal Welfare! I don’t mind purchasing additional materials that enrich the learning experience for my students, but I think it is great when teachers are offered free resources, especially with all the recent cutbacks.

  10. I love the nonfiction books from Heinemann-Raintree. My kiddos would love to dive into our library and find one of those books.

  11. I was thrilled with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. My kids love animals and this will fitright in with my curriculmn

  12. I received this email from Brenda F. and wanted to share it as well:

    I hope the love of science stays with your daughter as well. I have two daughters who are in the same stage. They are five and seven. Each of them have a science discovery area in their room. They keep getting larger so we are soon going to need a cabinet or something? They have fossils, rocks, flashlights, magnifying glasses, one has a moon globe, the other a Mars globe, geodes, and other trinkets that they fancy. Here’s to girls and science! HOORAY!

  13. Science concepts are learned through natural and planned activities. Children are fascinated by the wonder in nature. Thanks for all these science resources!

  14. The International Fund for Animal Welfare resource looks great. I would love to enter the disney contest but I teach Kindergarten. Thanks for the great resources!!

  15. I was very excited about seeing the Science Freebies and now after viewing the information I am very disappointed. I have just been assigned to teach Kindergarten & 1st Grade and to include our PreK. All of the sites are for 2nd (second) & up. Please help me find some sites for PreK to 1st Grade.

  16. I would be interested in any of the fabulous science resources! My classroom and school are both lacking in our access to quality science materials.

  17. How to choose? Disney Planet Challenge is a shoo-in to grab any child’s interest. Of course, any resource incorporating motivating reading is high on my list, including Heinemann-Raintree and Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading. And the websites and multi-media resources clamor for attention as well. No surprise that I can’t choose just one.

  18. I am interested in all things ‘Science’ for my classroom. If I were to have to choose just one, I think the Let’s Rock, Fossils would be very interesting for my preschoolers!

  19. The Heinemann-Raintree books would compliment my African ostrich egg and fossil collection. I am always searching for books to suppliment the science artifacts that hook kids’ interests.

  20. I would have to go with Disney. Disney not only grabs kids attention, but teachers as well. I love how they encourage children to love science and the environment, while also having fun. We want our children to take with them what they learn into the future.

  21. I think that I like the Seeds of Science Resource the best……but I really like them all! Science has been a tough one for me in the realm of teaching so extra resources would be awesome!

    I work with preschoolers so I think that the Seeds book sounds a little closer to that level, but all of the other resources would work with my own children!! Awesome opportunity!! Thank you!!!

  22. I’m always looking for quality science books and resources for the elementary aged student. My favorite from the list is probably the IFAW site. It has many resources including teacher resources, lessons, colorful posters, videos and high interest reading materials. It’s all free! What a wonderful resource.

  23. I love the books on ecosystems, animals, weather. I like them all! I am teaching a new grade and subject this year so any resources would be welcome.

  24. I love science I teach a preschool science class and the children love new material when I bring it to them. New books would be great!!!

  25. Preschoolers love to discover and learn. Teaching science at a young age is so beneficial. I am always looking for ways to help them grow their young minds.

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