A Friday Chuckle About Bedding

I recently read an informative blog about mattress tags that made me chuckle. I probably should be embarrassed to admit this, but for years I never removed a tag from a mattress! I mean, seriously, did I think the mattress police would track me down if I tore off that floppy piece of irritation? According to Dan Lewis’s blog, “Now I Know: Why Mattresses Come With Warning Tags,” mattresses of long ago could be stuffed with anything from horse hair to corn husks to dirty rags. Consumers would never see the stuffing, so in borrowed words, “no harm, no foul.”

The mattress tag was originally designed to make manufacturers disclose what was inside a mattress. Since no one wants to purchase a mattress stuffed with dirty rags or horse hair, the tags were sometimes ripped off by manufacturers or retailers. This resulted in Congress making it illegal to remove the tag before the product was sold and delivered to the consumer. For some reason early mattress tags didn’t note that the consumer could remove the tag, which has confused generations of sleepers.

Rest assured (silly pun, I know!) it’s perfectly fine to remove a tag from a mattress or any other “textile fiber product.” So, what’s your history with mattress tags? Have you always been a ripper?



PS: Here’s hoping you’ll have plenty of “sleep-in” days this summer!

3 thoughts on “A Friday Chuckle About Bedding

  1. I leave it on and the cat ends up tearing it to pieces- I cna never tuck the blankets in due to arthritis in my feet. The cat enjoys spening time on it.

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