A First Friday Giveaway with Sticking Power!

What do glue sticks, sticky note pads, and stickers all have in common? You guessed it—they all have sticking power! I’m hoping you have a minute to stick around too. You see, all you need to do is leave your answer to one of the questions below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win an assortment of school supplies that help make learning stick! Just be sure to leave your answer by Monday, March 16th.

What’s something a student said this school year that has stuck with you?


What’s your favorite trick for making sure learning sticks?


What goal(s) have you stuck to this school year?


What teaching-related advice has stuck with you throughout your teaching career?


Can’t wait to hear from you!

Congratulations to Kim K.,
the winner of this month’s giveaway!

38 thoughts on “A First Friday Giveaway with Sticking Power!

  1. Advice from my dad, who was also a teacher: “Be patient. Parents are sending the best children they have!”

  2. My favorite trick for making learning stick is to somehow relate the concept we are studying to “real life” or to something specific a child is interested in. When learning has “meaning,” it sticks!

  3. “I just love learning!” this from a thrid grader made my day and has stayed with me. I want every child to love to learn and be as excited as this young lady was. It is something I work hard at making sure my students do love learning.

  4. One goal that I have stuck with this year is to give more wait time to allow students to process information before answering.

  5. This is what one of my students said, and stayed with me… “Thank you for listening, for being kind , understanding, caring and for being my teacher, I will always remember you.”

  6. The best teaching advice I ever received (not sure where I learned it) was : Take students from where they are, not from where they should be. This applies academically, socially-emotionally & behaviorally.

  7. Best advice ever received was , “Love on those children daily so they feel love. That is more important than teaching.”

  8. The goal I have stuck to this year is getting the pre-kgn students writing their first name. We have them and practice!

  9. Best advice – Make sure students feel loved every day and TELL THEM! It may be the only time all day that someone tells them they love them.

  10. The thing that a couple of different students have said not in words but with some token gifts is that “It takes a big heart to teach little minds.” It makes me stop and think that maybe what I am doing is making a difference.

  11. My students telling me to have a good night (thinking I live and sleep at school). When students call me “Mom” and tell me they love me. 🙂

  12. The best advice I’ve gotten is to remember that you have someone’s whole world in your classroom.
    And to always C.Y.A. 😉

  13. Something a student said this school year., I’m getting almost as tall as you Ms.J…but I know, I know I know …you are still the teacher! Humph…Hear this a lot…because Im a short lady..4ft11..!!????

  14. I like it when you say you do it for me.
    Assessments is for the teachers to know what sh is not teaching well enough or effective enough….

  15. I always use sticks to relate to the alphabet, numbers, and rhyming words. The children love to connect knowledge with stick activities.

  16. Remember to have fun, laugh with them, and really spend time with them getting to know them. That is what is really important.

  17. The best teaching advice I ever received is don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Also, meet your students where they are.

  18. The best teaching advice was to make time for myself. Teaching can be all consuming so making time to do things for me is a must.

  19. One goal I set for myself this year was to help students set their own goals and be able to work through the frustration of not meeting it and working hard to try again. I have seen so much growth and perseverance this year!

  20. I think the best way to make learning stick is to make it fun. Songs and dances are a great way to remember things.

  21. A good way to make learning stick is to use sticky notes! We are studying people in American history and after each person we put up their picture on the timeline and everyone adds a fact about that person to it on a sticky note. We leave them up until we are done with the unit and review them regularly. And if I can give another one, using sticky notes while reading for Thinking Marks. It helps make connections while reading and to help with comprehension. Thanks!

  22. I had a little boy who loved to pester another student. Every morning I could hear his voice at the loudest possible level shouting her name…. his voice and her name have stuck with me all year!!!

  23. • What teaching-related advice has stuck with you throughout your teaching career?

    If you can teach what you have learned to someone else; you have learned the content very well.

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