A Few of My Favorite Things

Over the last several years, I’ve enjoyed working closely with the other editors here at The Mailbox to create, edit, and share a slew of great ideas for upper grades teachers. Just for fun, I’d like to share a few of my favorite ideas for your consideration.

My Page” – Sure, kids these days are leaving Facebook in favor of straight-ahead texting, but who doesn’t have a Facebook page? This idea is a great blend of historical facts, intuitive speculation, and the Facebook timeline.

Talk Topics” – Cure the waiting-for-dismissal blues, give students the opportunity to revisit show-and-tell, and improve oral presentation skills with this quick and nifty idea.

Memory Boosters” – Let all your students help each other review before a standardized test. Have them research, write, and present informative posters that explain important concepts. This way, your entire class not only spends time in review, but individual students also earn oral-presentation grades.

Special Delivery” – Too many students required to make too many trips to run errands around the school building? Concentrate on efficiency and responsibility with this clear idea.

These ideas originally appeared in The Mailbox magazine and our upper grades weekly email, This Week in Teaching. Are you a subscriber?

If you have other ideas that have become your favorites, share them with us in the comments below.

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